3 Ways Traveling Fuels Creativity (habits of a great leader)

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It’s not that hard for today’s generation to imagine sitting in office 40 hours a week — trying to produce something creative.

But, it only works one in a thousand of times. The rest of the times we are just feeding our brain a repetition of thoughts that in no way inspires us to think out of the box.

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To break this repetitive loop one needs to travel and enter a cycle where new thoughts can enter mind. Traveling lets you do three things to push the limits of your creative mind. These are:

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This is the telltale sign of a creative genius. He knows the significance of everything small and large. Now read this carefully:

He knows that a leaf falls so that seasons can change, seasons change so that man can learn to endure change and the man who has endured change for long can cross the sky because he was born inside a star.

He sees this hidden order in everything. He is so grounded to nature that he will never leave the first call to go back and dip in nature’s basket to rise and produce something different. That is to become creative.

Steve jobs traveled to himalayas to get his dose of creativity and it is believed that it was here that he got that vision to create Apple.

And that’s how creativity strikes great leaders.

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The smallest spark can burn a forest yet that spark is useless to ignite fire at the wrong place. It’s because of the environment. You need some time off to make that spark work.

Remember that a spark can be anything─your love, your passion, your mistakes, your curiosity and even your stubbornness not to change the way you are. You need to put it in the right environment and let it grow upon you.

Traveling provides you with all that. Everything else you need is a good company and new thoughts will come to you naturally. Coupled up with a sense to share your inner beliefs, no matter how weird they sounded someplace else.

You will discover yourself and the world around you. And things will never be the same.

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Wheel was invented to make traveling easy and thus ignited the creativity of man.

But the creativity of today’s man has its origin someplace else. It is in that active search of finding where he stands against nature─to make him visible of the great variety of phenomenality that nature has to offer.

This lets man know that there are still miles to be traveled, far places to be reached and mountains to be conquered before he can finally take rest.

This realization of the greatness of nature against the small size of man is what inspires man to be big in scope and magnificent in size, just as nature is.

This leads to one truth─Nature is man’s vantage point to be a creative genius because there isn’t anything more creative than nature itself.

One last quote while I leave you with your own thoughts. “I think that traveling can be best described as a journey into the unknown, to meet the unknown, to know the unknown and to come back as having known yourself and the unknown.”─Anonymous.

And that’s when everything in life becomes meaningful.

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