5 Best Work Collaboration Apps to Never Miss Deadlines

Vartika Kashyap
4 min readNov 22, 2019


These apps guarantee big-time success!

No matter what you are and where you are, you’d probably wish to never to miss any deadline. Making sure that deadlines are met and nothing falls through the cracks, is a key element when working on projects. Thankfully, there are many work collaboration apps that can help you focus on getting work done so that you never miss deadlines.

Here is my list of favorite tools that have helped many teams and managers to deliver projects on time and for big-time success.

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an online project planning tool that streamlines the way you work. It provides several solutions to help you to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver project promptly. You can access the features on the go with ProofHub’s mobile app.

You can create and manage your workflow using ProofHub Kanban. In the former stage, To-do and Done are the two standard stages to manage your workflow. You can see work moving through multiple stages in the Kanban board. Where teams can better understand work collaboration as they get notified of moving from one stage to another.

Manage your work collaboration on ProofHub Kanban. Start using now.

2. Hive

Hive is a project and workflow management and collaboration platform which automates workflows to ease your work. Hive gives a platform to design custom workflows and integrate with multiple applications. Hence, it streamlines the work.

Desktop and mobile apps of Hive reduce the clutter of the project and make various features accessible. In this tool, files are easily accessible. They are just one click away. Also, it is easy to add new tasks and track the progress of the project. Desktop notifications help to stay updated. Mobile apps can be used on both iOS and Android, whereas, Desktop apps are available for Mac and Windows users.

3. Productive

This software has a tool for every purpose and handles the entire project independently. Productive is a cloud-based software that manages employees and client relationships at a single place. It enables the users to never miss any latest developments of the projects as it notifies the users for all the updates. Monitoring the team to know who is working on which project and tracking the progress of the team both are easy with this cloud-based software. You can mention the team member in the comment section to avoid any confusion.

It is easy to communicate with clients and co-workers through Productive. Moreover, assigning work to the team is not a headache as you can send a file and have a private conversation in a breeze.

4. GetFlow

Flow provides a collaborative workspace to collectively manage the team’s work, projects, and tasks. It enables you to manage your workflow and organize tasks either using a simple checklist or using Kanban boards. The drag and drop feature of the Kanban boards helps to arrange and group tasks visually. If you are using any other workflow, you can integrate it with Flow easily using the REST API. It provides webhooks to get all the project updates. Flow API helps to create, read and modify Flow projects.

For iOS users, Flow app has some new and exciting features like improved performance, streamlined navigation, new project colors, details, and descriptions.

ProofHub is a great work collaboration app. Try now.

5. Zapier

The tool gives a platform to thread all your apps together for smooth functioning. Zapier streamlines project workflows, assigns tasks and creates connections between projects. These features empower you to build workflows with just a few clicks.

Multi-Step Zaps is an update of Zapier which enables the users to take multiple actions with one Zap. Then it automates entire processes quickly and the complete workflows.

With these work collaboration apps in your toolkit, you’ll be better equipped to streamline your life and less stress.

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