5 Small Daily Choices You Need To Start Making To Become Your Best Self

“ Success is determined by your daily choices and habit” — Rick Pitino

Decision! The word itself sounds so perplexing, right?

But have you ever wondered how powerful your small, day to day decisions actually are? I’m not talking about the decisions you make to wear a white shirt instead of blue or sticking to a diet versus having a grand cheat meal.

However, these decisions matter too but here I’m talking about the thousands of choices you need to make every day in order to make your life better and live your dreams.

Do you know what is the best part about making choices? Everything depends on you. You have all the power to manifest your future. Not sure about you but I certainly do not believe that it’s the fate that determines what our future will look like. It’s the choices we make or do not make that determine the face of our lives in the coming future.

So, it’s pretty simple — if you do not like the present, you can just work on it and create a new future — the power is all yours.

Now, a successful future is not just a matter of one decision. It, in fact, is a result of a regular series of daily choices. These daily choices don’t just affect the present but act as an echo throughout your lives. So, be wise.

Life is so very uncertain and it’s better to stay prepared for it. A proactive person thinks and acts ahead of anticipated events. In order to be proactive, start taking action today and take responsibility for your life. By doing so, you would be able to anticipate your future and focus on solutions instead of being stuck with the problems.

I know that we all like to stay positive and who even cares to think about the potential issues that may arrive in the future but you would agree that all of us have faced a lot of problems because of the red flags we ignored earlier.

If you take care of day-to-day tasks regularly instead of just putting them off, you would be more stress-free and can ensure that those tasks do not turn into a huge burden for you. A little effort every day can save you from a big crisis later.

To reach our goals, we must take action. For that, we got to change our daily habits otherwise we would remain all the same. At the same time, it is also essential to understand that whatever actions you take must match what you wish to accomplish.

If you wish to lose weight, keep the junk food off your sight.

If you want to give your 100% in a meeting, then prepare for it(do it now). If you say mental peace is important for you, meditate. If you want to read more, put that mobile phone aside and pick the book up. If you want to save money, do not focus on the “sale” stickers. I can go on and on about such examples.

These are just some daily choices you need to make. Once you start to align your action with your ultimate goals, you can do wonders.

Ever had an experience where someone made a commitment to you and did not follow up? Yes, I know it feels bad.

How about you making a commitment to yourself and did not follow it through? Feels worse!

Be it a morning routine, finishing up an important project, or giving presentations, you need to be consistent in your efforts to get through it until you finish it up at a satisfactory level. We’re full of energy when we start with something but the enthusiasm fades away in no time and we end up being in a negative cycle of stagnation.

I know it is tough but when you keep following through your commitments, you start developing confidence and can trust yourself.

Set goals, commit to yourself, and keep following. If you can’t commit to yourself, who will you commit to?

Often end up feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you are left with? Do you miss deadlines? Or maybe you forget to do important things on a regular basis?

All these things indicate that you need to create to-do lists to ease down the workload. To-do lists help you enlist your tasks on the basis of priority. While creating a to-do list, make sure that you pin down all the tasks in one place so that you do not miss out on anything. If you think creating manual to-do lists consumes a lot of your time you can quickly create them online too.

ProofHub to-do lists allow you to prioritize tasks on the basis of the order you plan to do them. Using them you can mention all your tasks in one place so that you deliver all your work right on time and beat the work overload.

Keep your high priority tasks organized in one place. Start using ProofHub today.

Creating a vision board and writing my goals down is a great way to keep myself motivated. I have a vision board with my five-year goals written on it. I also have a small-term vision board with my one-year goals written on it.

A vision board is nothing but a representation of your goals that you wish to accomplish in a specific period of time. They are absolutely fun to create and fill you up with enthusiasm.

Believe you me, they are one of the most amazing tools to motivate and inspire you to take your daily activities in pursuit of your ultimate and most important targets in life With a vision board, you move closer to the dream in your mind so you begin to believe it’s possible and put in the work for it.

Plan, modify and visualize your tasks easily using ProofHub Gantt charts.


When we make wise choices in life, we get more of the results we desire.

Your life and successes are entirely made up of small choices and decisions you make you make every day. Making these five choices every day will improve your personal as well as professional life, your results, and your productivity in both the short and long term.

You do not need to take big steps at one go, instead take small steps every day and you will be unstoppable. Improve 1% every day and by the end of the year, you will improve by 365%.

Thank you for reading this, before you go

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