8 Productivity Tips You Can Start Using Today

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Most people define productivity as getting more things done every day. However, productivity is actually related to getting important things done consistently.

Productivity is related to the efficiency of a person in completing a task. One is called productive if they can maintain a steady, average speed on some things and not maximum speed on everything.

I am sharing 8 productivity tips that you can start using today and these told true for everyone.

  1. Say Not to Your Cozy Comfort Zone
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What Is the Comfort Zone?

When you get comfortable with the way you do things regularly, you are in the comfort zone. Anything deviating you from this pattern causes stress, anxiety, and pressure on your mind.

Nothing great can come to you if you are too fond of your comfort zone. Over the years, I have learned that stepping out of the comfort zone not only helps in productivity but also makes you ready for unexpected situations in life.

Try These Small Tips to Step Out of the Comfort Zone.

  1. Do everyday things differently. For example- Try a different operating system from your present one.
  2. Learn a new language.
  3. Give yourself deadlines.
  4. Start slow, we don’t mean to tell you to ask your date for lunch in one go, you can first muster the courage to say hello only.

2. Exploit Technology

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While being productive is associated a lot with state of mind and will power, the right tools in this digital age can be your savior as well.

These days, we always have too much on our plates. Multiple tasks at work, meetings, health issues, family priorities, etc. take a toll on our organizational skills. While a Project Management solution like ProofHub can streamline your projects and team interactions, a simple fitness app can keep you on track about your health, you can employ a note-taking app to keep a record of your personal responsibilities and meetings.

3. Eat That Frog

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Mark Twain once said, “eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse can happen to you in the entire day” This quote was then used by Brian Tracy as a perfect metaphor for his 2001 book called ‘Eat that frog’.

In this book, a frog is a task that you are likely to avoid, something you are horrified to start with. Taking this task first in the morning and accomplishing it can be a bliss for your productivity.

It is a great productivity tip that I can swear by myself. Eating the frog gives a boost to your confidence and lifts the apprehensions associated with such tasks.

4. Understand the Difference Between Important and Urgent

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We all are always trying to strike a balance between work and life. While we have to complete some tasks, exercise, maintain our relationships, maintain an energy level and take some time off as well.

How do we strike a balance at being productive and not get overworked?

Well, distinguishing between urgent and important can help.

Important refers to something valuable. It’s based on personal judgement. Something might be important for one and not for the other. For example- Answering all their emails might be very important for an administrator but not be important for a doctor.

On the other hand, urgent refers to something that has to be attended immediately. Something that is due tomorrow is more urgent compared to something that is due next week.

Once we understand to distinguish between urgent and important, you can learn to attend the right tasks at the right time which definitely contributes to making you more productive.

5. Plan in Advance

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I have realized that planning is important, be it whatever. You got to deliver a speech, however intelligent you might be, you need to prepare in your mind what to say. You plan before going on a trip. You plan your finances to make sure you have savings. But when it comes to our everyday life, sometimes we keep planning in advance at the back foot.

Consistent and regular planning can do wonders for the productivity of a person. If you have your day planned in advance, going can get smoother. Now, you must be wondering, I can plan my day but how do I plan an entire long term project.

Well, employ a management solution like ProofHub. ProofHub becomes a central location to keep all your project information at one place for your entire team as well as clients to access. You can allocate tasks, plan your schedule and delegate responsibilities, plan specific milestones and events and see work passing through various stages of progress in real-time.

6. Multi-tasking Is No Task

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We multitask to make sure everything is finished on time. But, unfortunately, multitasking does us no good. It not only kills our productivity but also leads to several works done with a poor-quality standard.

We tend to be most effective when we focus on a single task at one time.

While I strongly believe that multitasking is not a productive idea, the opinions on this topic are subjective. I have experienced that if you focus on one task at a time, speed, as well as efficiency both, are increased. And you can finally get everything done at the same time with a better outcome.

7. Monitor Past Strategies

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Since every individual is different, different productivity hacks can work for different people. While I am an early bird and my productivity levels are manifold in the morning as compared to other times of the day, my husband reaps productivity by burning the midnight oil.

Therefore, rather than going by the word of mouth, try things yourself. See what has worked for you in the past and stick to it.

8. Go back to the comfort zone once in a while

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Breaks are very important to maintain a productive and focused routine. Our brains have a limit of the time till which they can concentrate before switching off completely. This is one reason why we feel super lazy on a Friday afternoon at work.

Therefore take your breaks seriously. These might be short breaks during your workday or having a lazy day on weekends.

I hope that these tips helped you have a perspective on how you should be more productive. Your comments are precious to me.

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