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How you behave with your team and your leadership skills play a vital role in leaving a positive impression on the people around you.

As a leader, you must develop cordial relationships with your followers or team members. It goes without saying that if your team has faith in you, they will go that extra mile to accomplish anything that comes their way.

On the other hand, if there’s a lack of mutual understanding and respect between you and your team, things can go haywire at any instant.

Working with a team that doesn’t respect you as a leader will make your life extremely difficult. You will not be able to motivate your team; there will be no coordination, no transparency, no efforts, and, more importantly, no progress. …

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“The challenge is not to manage the time, but to manage ourselves.” — Stephen Covey

I really don’t want to be another person advocating for the ongoing chit-chats on how important it is to manage your time well. Millions of blogs on the internet explain the need for time management and how you should do it already. I cannot read all of them, but there’s something I can totally vent about. They all explain pretty much the same practices: plan and schedule.

My beliefs, in this matter, are a little contrary. You cannot manage time. …

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“ Success is determined by your daily choices and habit” — Rick Pitino

Decision! The word itself sounds so perplexing, right?

But have you ever wondered how powerful your small, day to day decisions actually are? I’m not talking about the decisions you make to wear a white shirt instead of blue or sticking to a diet versus having a grand cheat meal.

However, these decisions matter too but here I’m talking about the thousands of choices you need to make every day in order to make your life better and live your dreams.

Do you know what is the best part about making choices? Everything depends on you. You have all the power to manifest your future. Not sure about you but I certainly do not believe that it’s the fate that determines what our future will look like. It’s the choices we make or do not make that determine the face of our lives in the coming future. …

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COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we used to look at things around us. From being a species that longed for human touch and personal interaction, we have been forced to think of social distancing and isolation as the new normal.

Things are a lot more different if we look from the perspective of teams and offices. As quite rightly put in words by Brent Capron — “Workstations were about privacy and acoustics — now they represent a physical separation between colleagues.”

As we take tiny steps towards going back to how life used to be before the pandemic, we are bound to see some changes. Office spaces are not going to be the same. …

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Imagine it’s 2050!

The world of automation, robotics and flying cars. Sounds exciting, right?

Technology has already come a long way from what it used to be 50 years back. The world we live in today seems like a science fiction we all were keen about while growing up. As more technologies evolve and develop into something greater, our everyday lifestyle is likely to become more streamlined and dependent on machines.

Do you have any idea how this technological evolution will affect your future work life?

Just a single thought of “future of work” is enough to fill up the hearts of work professionals with fear. Whether they will be able to keep up with the fast and tech savvy changes is the major concern of worry for many businesses. Employees have a constant fear that they will be replaced by the robots, which is somewhat true. Artificial intelligence and machines have changed our lives dramatically and will continue doing the same in coming future. …

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When your team is ahead and you’re lagging behind, the pressure is on. I remember when I started at ProofHub, I was introduced to this team of talented people and I felt like I would never be able to tap into the rhythm they seemed to be working in. The level of productivity they presented, the way they put their ideas into motion, it felt like the Earth moved fast for them but slow for me.

The same thing happens when I take leaves or I get sucked into doing another assignment — It’s hard coming back to the ground after all of that. It wasn’t long until I realized that there is no escape from change — things will happen and eventually, they will go back to normal and I will just have to be okay with that. …

With its powerful features in one centralized location, intuitive interface, and simple, flat-rate pricing, ProofHub has made its way into the 20 best project management software service of

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Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and how this age-old proverb proved to be true once again as ProofHub added another remarkable accomplishment in its long list of achievements amid the grim situation created by the global pandemic i.e. COVID-19.

ProofHub has been included in The Best Project Management Software Companies In 2021, Best Business Management Software Companies of 2021 and Best Collaboration Software Companies of 2021 by — one of the leading, reliable review sites that are known for providing unbiased and honest reviews.

We are overjoyed by this honor and such recognitions inspire us to work even harder and deliver the best value-for-money team collaboration and project management solution to our esteemed clients all over the globe. …

Use these top-rated time management tools to minimize time wastage and produce desired results.

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“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” — Henry David Thoreau

Managers often have the heaviest workload; meetings, interviews, hiring, creating and maintaining budgets, planning and promoting daily schedules of employees, performance evaluation, reporting to senior management, the list of things-to-do can go on and on.

Since managers have so much to do, one skill they must have in today’s fast and hectic work environment is to be a smart time manager. That said, time-wasting by employees in the office is one of the most common reasons for causing headaches to many managers.

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Being a project manager sucks. Everyone thinks I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No one really cares about what I do to protect them from the wrath of clients and office management.

This was Tia, one of my good friends, who works as a Project Manager in a web development company.

I cannot take this anymore. I feel like quitting.” she continued her sobbing, and continued to console her that things are going to be fine.

Being someone who has been part of the project management industry for close to a decade now, I could relate to the feelings that Tia was going through. I knew that almost every project manager goes through this phase. In fact, there was a time when I also underwent similar feelings. But the experience helped me conquer all this, and here I am — leading a team of happy employees, working for a product we all believe in. …

How to create one small checklist to save you a tonne of effort.

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“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” — Dwight D.Eisenhower.

I am a big fan of lists, to-do lists, pros and cons lists, or checklists. They give me a chance to be thorough, not miss out on important information, and also finish everything up in the intended time.

But I was a rookie when I started, and the lists I was initially making did not help anybody.

And I soon realized it was because I was:

  • Working solo.
  • Not taking the aspect of time into account.
  • Not using any planning tools.
  • Conducting meetings that fulfilled no agenda. …


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