Marketers, Stop Making These 5 Mistakes

How To Fix Bad Habits At Work

We all want to make headway with our projects and complete them before the deadline. But not all of us win every time. There are several things that hold us back from success. And at the top are habits (yes, the bad ones). Such hurdles can knock anybody’s door irrespective of the age and position.

Being a Marketing Manager, I know how time-consuming and tricky it is to draw leads and increase the number of clicks. I understand how even a small mistake can ruin all the hard work. Bad habits might force you to focus on the wrong metrics or overestimate a social media platform and waste ample time. Marketing strategies and techniques, when approached thoughtlessly and without planning, turn out to be problematic for the business. Look at the 5 reasons why marketers fail and their respective way out.

Binding the team members up and encouraging all of them to give inputs is vital to boost motivation in them. No matter whether you are a sales project manager or lead marketer of your company, it is true for everyone. But not every manager indulges in activities that make employees feel belonged to the company.

If you feel that your employees don’t reach you directly to address problems, or they don’t feel valued at work, knock knock — your ignorance toward team collaboration and team inclusion has been decreasing employee engagement and retention.

How to Solve Such Inclusion-related Crises?

To drill down to the specific areas where you lack, conduct a survey. It will help you measure how inclusive your workplace is. To move forward into this direction, you can set up mentorship programs.

71% of Fortune companies have mentoring programs designed to help their employees thrive. The program helps with employee retention, leadership skills, and diversity. Your major goal here will be to uncover and pair mentors and mentees. Mentees get the opportunity to grow and evolve. On the other hand, mentors learn valuable leadership and teaching skills. You should focus on goals when pairing mentors rather than thinking about hierarchy.

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Influencer marketing is used to increase brand awareness and reach new customers. A common mistake which many influencers make is that they pay bot networks to gain extra followers. But what if the money spent to get X number of followers don’t see an upswing in sales? You won’t get the required number of potential customers. Would you make another mistake of chasing them and waste your time?

What Should You Do Then?

Set a goal in your mind before starting your influencer marketing campaign. You should know your expectations from the campaign. The next step is to find the right influencers according to the defined goals. There are tools to find influencers such as BuzzSumo, InsightPool, etc. Make sure you don’t make the common mistakes made by many marketers, that is, fail to provide sufficient compensation to the influencers.

Deep diving into the ocean of data in folders, servers and email chains to find a piece of particular information is no less than a nightmare for your team. Poor digital asset management impacts your team’s productivity and efficiency. In this era, where everything runs very fast, you can’t afford to poorly manage your data and spend unlimited resources to get it back. If you have collaborative tasks to work on with other team members, then managing digital assets become a necessity.

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What’s The Way Out?

DAM (Digital Asset Management) reduces bottlenecks, speed up workflows, and saves ample time. For example, you can create a social media workflow with the help of a tool while streamlining social media management processes. There are tools that store all the data, images, videos and documents in one place that you or anyone in your team will want to use later.

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Having unrealistic expectations from the team and hoping for a miracle to happen is a productivity killer. Many managers make this mistake of looking for the shortest possible turnout time. Unfeasible expectations lead to stress. Every time you set unreasonable deadlines, it increases fret and negatively impacts employee retention.

Additionally, if the team is unfortunate to be led by a seagull manager, cutting the mustard becomes hard for the team. Common traits of seagull managers constitute — moving in and out hastily, putting a little thought into the team’s approach, etc. Hence, the degraded quality of the workplace environment is the result.

How To Avoid Setting Idealistic Expectations?

a). Check for any skill gaps your team members have.

b). Consider important tasks, workload, and team’s priorities before telling your team to do a certain task by tomorrow.

c). Analyze what quality you need. Clarify it to the team and then expect reasonable outcomes.

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” — Sam Walton.

Prospects are actively looking for solutions when they reach your website. They have hardly any time and interest to know your history or how many competitors you have surpassed. They just want solutions to the problems they have been facing. Compelling landing pages or highly influential marketers never talk about their products at the beginning. They know that it takes only 15 seconds to catch the visitor’s attention.

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What’s The Way Out?

Grab the visitor’s attention by picturizing the big problems and understanding their business pain points. Continue with a ‘got you’ attitude and engage them by telling that you have the solution which they have been looking for. Also, show other benefits of availing your solution. Highlight how you are different. For example, rather than saying “We have the best web development tools for you,” say, “We have served 154 customers last month and all of them have reduced their project cost and have increased throughput.”

Mistakes and destructive habits can be fixed easily with the help of the tips given above. If you are a manager, you need to keep the solutions in mind to lead your team effectively and take it to the direction of success.

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