Are Your Motivation Methods Right For Your Team?

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Hey there managers!

Here’s a question: Are you successfully motivating your team so they can perform to the best of their abilities?

Do you see their inputs becoming more substantial day by day?

Motivation: the only thing your employees need for showing up to work every day. It is the reason they work and it is the reason they progress. And even though it’s the most rewarding thing you can do for your employees, there are also numerous ways in which you can go wrong with motivation.

This article will explain to you the drawbacks of bad motivational methods and all the ways in which you can correct the same.

Underwhelming Appreciation

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You are a boss who appreciates his team and you have your own way of showing that; for example,

  1. You are walking around the office and you stop by the employee in question and say something in the lines of “Loved the report you made now our work is finally organized.”
  2. Maybe you praised someone by simply texting them. This can give them the impression that the work they did wasn’t really important in your eyes and feeling that is highly demotivating.
  3. Or maybe it’s the case that when you praise them you also let them know that they can do better next time. You might catch yourself saying “Hey I loved the report you made, I know you will do even better the next time”.

How To Mend Your Ways:

  • Keep track of everyone’s performance and give them their due appreciation.
  • A public congratulatory step would work well because every member of the team would be inspired to do better.
  • A project management software comes in handy when we want to publicly announce victories because of the announcement feature where you get to announce and congratulate the employees in a public yet subtle way.

Feedback Gone Wrong

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The concept of feedback is to tell the employee about his performance stating the good parts as well as the bad ones. But the thing is that most managers do not know how to give feedback. Here’s how to determine if your feedback method is demotivating people.

  1. Not having these feedback sessions in private: You tend to give feedback in group settings or meetings because you may think that the other people in the team will learn from the employee’s mistakes.
  2. You start with criticizing the employee: The structure of feedback that you have opted for has too much space for criticism and less space for appreciation.
  3. You do not prepare what to say beforehand: Preparation is the key to give good feedback. You do not realize that you need to have all the facts and figures in front of you when giving someone feedback.

What Can You Do About It:

  • Have scheduled feedback sessions in private.
  • Appreciate the employee and politely state the negatives.
  • Prepare a list of all the things you want to discuss.
  • Motivate them by listing the goals and telling them that you believe in them to accomplish the same.

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Making Promises You Can’t Follow

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Now if you are a manager I think you know what I’m talking about.

  1. There was a time when you promised an appraisal and due to budget shortages you couldn’t keep up with your promise.
  2. This makes your team feel that you don’t take them seriously because when you don’t fulfill what you said it makes them feel demotivated.
  3. Even though you didn’t do anything on purpose, your employees will feel like they are always being lied to and that they are not as important to you as they thought they were.

This Can Be Done Right By:

  • Don’t promise the things that aren’t in your own hands.
  • Promise achievable things and try to keep up that promise.
  • Be a boss who is authoritative and honest, this will motivate people and help build loyalty in the team.

Picking Favorites

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It is very nice that you are a boss who appreciates your employees and congratulations on having that one employee you love and adore because it’s just so hard not to. They are hardworking, understanding, ambitious, and maybe they even remind you of yourself a little bit. But ask yourself, do you do for them a little extra than what you do for the others? There are ways to appreciate employees which do not entail the following:

  1. Classifying people and addressing them only with their respective departments can demotivate people and make people feel alienated.
  2. Sometimes when you appreciate one person much more than the others a feeling of envy can overtake your teammates which has a negative impact.
  3. If you only appreciate one person all the time people cannot have the inspiration and the motivation to do more.

What Can You Do About It:

  • Appreciate people in a way that people can take away a moral or two from it.
  • Also, keep in check how much appreciation you give just one person and compare it from the others.
  • Don’t single people out in public and instead celebrate for the success of the whole team and congratulate the person responsible in private.

Setting The Wrong Objective

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This is one of the most basic things where we can do no wrong but we still manage to. Setting the wrong objective essentially means that you are not conveying a defined goal to your team.

  1. Working towards no direction can demotivate people and make them feel like you don’t trust them with responsibility.
  2. You do not convey to your team the change in the stage of the project.
  3. It is possible that you are having trouble setting goals and deadlines.
  4. Without setting the objective and the milestones your team will have no inspiration to move on.

The Change To Be Made Is:

  • If you are having trouble setting the project goal and deadlines, learn how to delegate and ask for your team’s input. This will give them the idea that you trust them enough and appreciate their work.
  • Scheduling meetings to tell your team about the changes in the task and telling them about the priorities can also help with telling your team that they have shared goals.
  • Project management software can help you a lot in maintaining a workflow that clearly states goals and deadlines.

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To conclude, motivation can be highly enriching for your team when done right. Make collaboration and consistency easier by brushing up your motivational methods to convert them into ones that can inspire your team. The tricky business of motivation can be made easier when you have a guide on what not to do. I hope with this article, I was able to illuminate you on how to and especially how not to motivate your team.

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