Challenges faced by a modern day employee at workplace (Part 1)

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Being a manager, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great teams. I love to manage them, work with them and inspire them to achieve more in their life as professionals. But a few weeks back I had a self realization moment.

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As a manager I try to keep the needs of my team at forefront and ensure they are able to deliver their best. As part of this endeavor I constantly keep on discussing with different team members about how they are feeling about the work they are doing. What are some of the common problems they are faced with on day-to-day activities? What could I do to make their work life better?

Though I try to create a positive environment for my team at work, I came to realize that life for a modern day employee is not that easy. There are some common challenges that every employees have to face in their day to day life. I thought that as readers you would be able to connect to it.

So, here I am going to share those problems and how I try to tackle them for my team:

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I was having this discussion with Jeremy, one of the designers working as part of my time. “Vartika, I am not really sure I’d be able to make this project on time. I don’t think the client is really sure what he wants in the design. I’ve already reworked the entire design thrice, and he’s shared the requirement, which is completely opposite to what he asked for in his last mail.”

This was not the case with the designing team, I’ve had similar conversations with the content developers and coders as well. So, I came to know that changing client requirements is one of the most common problems faced by every team.

How you as a manager could solve this?

I’m not sure there’s much that Jeremy could have done about it. He was not the decision maker in this scenario. Being a manager it was my responsibility to communicate lucidly to the client about the variations in design he’s been asking for. And the fact that if he won’t be able to share the requirements clearly, then we won’t be able to deliver it on time.

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Every team has different characters and personality types. The introvert types, the loud mouth types, the geeky ones, the chirpy ones and more. When working collaboratively on a project, these different characters have to come together to deliver the best outcome. This is where the problem arises. I’d like to share a small example of my team here -

“Udit is the powerhouse of our marketing team. Whenever he’s assigned a task, he gets going with it without wasting even a second. The only problem is that he does not plan his work. Last week, Udit was told to work with Randy, who is a meticulous planner — just the opposite to what Udit is. And that’s when the problem arose. Both Randy and Udit are great at what they do as individuals, but when they were told to work in collaboration the project completely got screwed up!”

How you as a manager could solve this?

A manager must be adept at handling diversity in a team. To bring unity in diversity, a manager has to bring the team together to a central point. In the above case, it becomes the responsibility of manager to either define the plan beforehand so that employees with different working styles don’t have any confusion.

Or try to figure our people with similar working styles, which is quite impossible in most of the cases, to work together on such tasks. Otherwise, disagreements at work could kill the team!

Let’s just take a break here. We are going to talk about a couple of more such challenges in our next post.

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