Challenges faced by a modern day employee at workplace (Part 2)

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Originally published at on April 11, 2017.

Continuing from where I left in my last post, I am going to talk about the third c hallenge that a modern day employee faces at workplace.

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This is perhaps the biggest problem of them all. In the words of my coder Rick ,” I can’t believe this is the third week in a row I’ll have to miss out on my blind date thanks to the last minute changes in the project scope. I can’t take this anymore. I don’t even remember the last time I left for home on time and had an evening just for myself.”

How you as a manager could solve this?

And I’m sure almost everyone reading this post could relate to this point.

This is where I think the role of a manager becomes the most important. Keeping in mind that he is the decision maker here, it is his responsibility to make sure that every team does not get overburdened because of some silly reasons. With proper risk assessment, buffer time while setting deadlines and due considerations of the personal requirements of your team members, you can actually avoid such untimely circumstance. And make sure that the personal and professional life of your team members is balanced perfectly.

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Comparison and office politics — these are two of the biggest root causes of employee burnouts in offices. Rather than focusing on the quality of work being done, organizations consider the number of hours put by the employee at work. This is where the whole concept of performance analysis is put to shame. What I personally believe is that when an employee is putting off more than designated number of hours at work, he is in reality less efficient that what he is supposed to be. At the end of the day it is the results that matter.

How you as a manager could solve this?

Thanks to such false criterion for performance analysis, employees generally end up biting off more than what they can chew. As a result, the work pressure increase, mental health decreases, and there is a slump in the performance. And in case, somehow, you are able to cope with the increasing work pressure, then be sure to have chaos in your personal life, as you will be spending more time at work than with your loved ones.

I might sound too blunt to many, but I think in such a scenario the manager is the only person at fault. When judging the performance of an employee, the results should be the first criteria. Yes, spending a designated number of hours should also be a prime factor to gaze the punctuality and other time metrics for the performance, but this should not be the only factor. And at the same time, having pre-defined performance metrics which are shared with the team members can be a great idea to inspire them to work without reaching a stage of burnout!

We all have faced our challenges at work, and continue to do so everyday. But I am sure these are the few ones which almost all of us have gone through. These challenges are bound to come, and they should. However it is the responsibility of a manager to make sure that these challenges don’t become too big to handle by the employees and they end up leaving the team.

I’ve shared my ten cents of advice on how I personally prefer to tackle these challenges.

And so far they have worked out amazingly well for me. I’m sure they will help you as well. In case, you have some of your own experiences I’d love to hear them out. Do share them in the comments below.

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