Dynamics of quality teamwork

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Talk about any masterpiece of the world — the biggest mega structures, cloud-hugging skyscrapers, or even blockbuster hits like Titanic, or The Avengers. What do you think is the force that made the creation of such marvelous wonders possible? It’s teamwork. Everything that went into these works of art was a result of collective efforts put in by people who worked on these projects.

Similarly, corporate success today relies heavily on the quality of teamwork. But it takes efforts to harness the potential of each and every person in the group and utilize it to reap maximum yield.

One of the golden rules of making teamwork successful is to have ideal channels of communication to promote idea sharing.

That’s what holds the key to get everyone to make real contribution and come up with original ideas. Teamwork is best when everyone collaborates personally in a real time manner. It encourages spontaneity in discussions which brings out the best in everyone.

We also know that with remote work culture picking up the pace real fast, it is not always possible for teams to be physically present all the time. That’s what video conferencing, teleconferencing, IMing are for. And while they cannot replace the one-on-one conversation, they sure have made communication process a lot simpler.

Other than that it’s important to understand the anatomy of group efforts in order to make everyone work enthusiastically. Otherwise some people may find their voice getting muffled. They may feel unheard, especially when teams are big in size.

Below are a couple of signs that are indicative of quality teamwork. Take a look

  • Remember, the sign of a healthy functioning team is that people don’t just talk, they listen to each other too. Both things are equally important to make effective communication a reality.
  • Each and every individual’s personal opinion matters and is considered crucial. No one dominates others in terms of imposing their views or ideas. Everyone gets to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Instead of getting the ideas across via the team leader only, people are not hesitant to speak directly with each other and say what they have to say. The team leader is not the only point of interaction. There is more direct communication among team members, with least number of obstructions that avoids Chinese whispers.
  • Although everyone’s contribution is considered critical for the overall output, but the team’s eventual success is always seen as more important than everyone’s individual success. Everybody is very clear that they are not working for personal gains, but for the success of enterprise.
  • There is no ‘I’ in the teamwork, and so there is no competition within team members.
  • In teams, difference of opinion is bound to take place. But, people are not hesitant to compromise despite those differences to avoid team’s downfall.
  • Teams are made up of distinct individuals who will always have diverse opinions, which at times can be conflicting. But despite those differences, everyone shares common goals. Team success and individual success are not different and everyone works collectively for the attainment of common goals.
  • Team members are clear on the goal. They know exactly what is expected from them.
  • In high functioning teams, there are lesser instances of complaining because people are better at anticipating problems and coming up with ways to tackle them. They know that work will never end, and neither will problems, so they might as well accept them and work on resolving them. There is lesser resistance to change because of the knowledge that change is constant.

Without people, there is no teamwork. Just like even the tiniest of component is integral for the overall functioning of a machine, the same way every individual is an indispensable part of a group.

Originally published at www.linkedin.com.

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