Effective Ways You May Not Know to Lead a Hybrid Team

Covid-19 has impacted organizations in many ways, like forcing them to restructure their business and making their employees work remotely. It is also true that even in the post-pandemic era, there will be a lot of companies that will go with a hybrid approach where the workers can work partly from home and partly from the office, thus bringing challenging work for the managers to manage a hybrid team.

Therefore, to make it easy for project managers to manage their hybrid team, we are sharing some tips which can keep them going ahead in their managing game.

Why Creating Trust is Considered Essential in a Hybrid Work Environment?

Hence, managers have to believe in their employees to do their work without managing day-to-day activities. As building trust is very challenging for managers while leading hybrid teams, it is very important that managers need to treat everyone equally and fairly.

There can also be the possibility that remote workers might feel that they are being left out while other workers in the office have greater access to the managers.

So it is necessary that those one-on-one meetings should be continued for all the employees.

There also has been a lot of research proving that meeting in person is very important when it comes to building trust. Managers should find some opportunities to have all the employees together. Moreover, managers should continue to use cameras for their one-on-one as well as team meetings. They are also responsible for creating a culture of transparency so that all the employees of the organization can have their opinions and can share their concerns.

Setting Informal Interactions Can Help

You can create a time to socialize within, whether it is one-on-one meetings or team meetings, so that team members can have breaks for socializing and engaging in non-work-related interactions.

Having the Right Software to Manage Hybrid Work is a Must

The right management tool can help highly collaborative teams. Whether it is a developing team or a UX team, they all can use the right tool for effective solutions. The right management software assists in making sure that all the employees are able to engage in the strategic discussions that are needed for the progress.

Talking about suitable software, ProofHub comes among one of the best tools or software for managing your entire hybrid team as it is an all-in-one project management software helping you to get your work done faster together.

Concentrate on Results

Define Your Goals

You Need to Establish Operations and Efficiency Gains

You Need to Recognize the Benefits of Every Working Situation and Ensure Fairness to All

Know What is the Status of a Certain Project

In order to do this, you require effective management software and ProofHub is going to be the best of them all as its Kanban board not only allows you to create and assign tasks but also enables you to know at which stage the work is at. Employees can drag the task to a particular stage as well as mark the percentage of the task, thus making you get the most of this amazing task management tool.

ProofHub makes it easy for everyone in the hybrid team to manage the workflow and to notify all at what stage a particular task is going at.


Offering flexibility to come to the office for a few days and then enabling your employees to work at home for the rest of the week, you can also experience some day to day difficulties in managing the entire team, so careful management should be there at every step of the stage so that your team can be more productive and responsive.

You should also keep in mind that for you working at a manager level, it also becomes critical that you put yourself at the front level to direct your hybrid team to success.

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Vartika Kashyap

Chief Marketing Officer@ProofHub. Featured writer on LinkedIn. Contributor at Elearning Industry, Dzone, Your Story and Business.com.