Failing To Support Others Is The Real Failure Of Leadership

According to a Gallup survey, “50% of employees left a job purely to “get away” from their manager.”

I see this number as an utter failure of leadership.

Sometimes I wonder why is it so difficult for managers in today’s time to handle their employees? Is it because of work pressure? Or does it have to do something with the way leaders or managers are supposed to behave?

And, based on my experience as a leader at ProofHub, someone who has worked with hundreds of managers throughout my career, I can say it is the latter.

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Since times unknown, aggression, intimidation, and ruling through force are the traits that are associated with leadership. It has become a general notion that as leaders people are supposed to act tough or else they will be looked down upon.

However, just like everything has changed it is time we bring a change in leadership styles as well.

We live in times where stress-levels are high, and performance pressure is greater than ever. In such times, appreciating a team for a job well done is more important than anything.

Be More Human

So, what can you do as a leader? Here is what I believe you can do:

Instead of thinking of your employees as productivity machines, be a little more human. That’s the least you can do as a leader. Be more available to listen to the problems they are facing, instead of just expecting results without understanding what they are going through.

You Don’t Have To Be Tough All The Time

That’s the kind of thing, which helps teams thrive.

Yes, sometimes as a leader you need to take a tough call. But it does not have to be like that always. You have to keep constantly reminding yourself that you are dealing with real humans.

Support Your Team, And They Will Support Your Dreams

COVID-19 is proof that adversities can come in any shape, size, and at any time. Times like these require you as a leader to be accommodating and understanding. We have seen it that only those teams have able to ward off the negative impacts of the pandemic and lockdown the leaders and the teams were able to connect at a human level.

Every leader dreams of success. But no one can achieve that success alone — it is your team that will help you succeed. In return, all they need is your support. Once you understand this and start to practice it, things will definitely change for good.

All the best!

About Author:

Vartika Kashyap is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub — leading project management software. From contributing to websites such as The Huffington Post,, Elearning, Dzone, and The Next Web to becoming LinkedIn Top Voices in 2017 and 2018, she has recognised amazing new ways to reach the audience. She weaves stories about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, and common workplace events. She also loves to read and travel to new places.

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Chief Marketing Officer@ProofHub. Featured writer on LinkedIn. Contributor at Elearning Industry, Dzone, Your Story and

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Vartika Kashyap

Vartika Kashyap

Chief Marketing Officer@ProofHub. Featured writer on LinkedIn. Contributor at Elearning Industry, Dzone, Your Story and

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