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  • Maria Brazhnykova

    Maria Brazhnykova

    Customer Success Manager at @X1Group. Building R&D offices and dev teams for growing tech startups.

  • Jonathan Saring

    Jonathan Saring

    I write code and words 路 Component-driven Software 路 Micro Frontends 路 Design Systems 路 Pizza 馃崟 Building open source @ bit.dev

  • Diego Gomes

    Diego Gomes

    Learning by doing! And always doing a lot of stuff ;) @rockcontent @saasholic

  • Awie S

    Awie S

    Iklas Jujur dan Serius

  • Tenuun Odbayar

    Tenuun Odbayar

  • Lourdes Cruz Cardenas

    Lourdes Cruz Cardenas

  • Jazmin B

    Jazmin B

    A lover of words & language. Using my passions to guide me through my self-exploration. I love relaxing Jazz and Trap music and over-analyze everything!

  • Aditya Alandikar

    Aditya Alandikar

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