How Gen Z is breaking the stereotypes at work

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Things are not the way they used to be a few decades back. As a matter of fact, if we move back even a few years back working styles were completely different. Before internet who would have thought that working remotely would be possible?

Today we are on the brink of a generation of workers who are adamant on working from wherever they feel confident and comfortable rather than staying confined to brick and mortar offices.

The Gen Z is breaking all the stereotypes related to work that have been prevalent since ages.

Making work fun

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Contrary to the way how previous generations used to work, Gen Z is all about making work fun. This does not mean they are not doing serious jobs. This only means they choose to do a job which they are passionate about. They choose what they think is right for them, rather than worrying about just the paycheck.

They don’t want to remain limited to the job titles or the type of employment that has been around for ages. They want to discover who they want to become as employees. This is what inspires them to make work lot more fun than any of the previous generations.

No walls and boundaries

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Gen Z is all about freedom to work. This is the reason they don’t believe in remaining confined to four walls and a roof. They don’t stick to the tradition of having to work from the office all the time. The recent statistics about people choosing to work remotely or from their home is a clear indication that Gen Z is breaking the stereotype of working from an office cubicle.

And, this does not by any way means that they are less productive than their previous generations. As a matter of fact, it has been seen that the current generation of workers who have embraced working from home culture are less-stressed and more efficient than their counterparts.

9–6 is not how they roll

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With the advent of smartphones and recent rise in technological advancements like project management software for managing work, smartphones and more, staying connected with work has become quite easy. This has led to the current generation of workers being available 24/7. Gen Z believes that there must be no fixed time to work. So, traditional 9–6 working setup is something that they don’t relate themselves to.

In simple words they can be considered as the ‘Always Connected’ generation, which is always connected to their work. Or, as they have been popularly referred by many — ‘The Notification Generation’.

Breaking the rules

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Whether you talk about innovative tricks to do something or breaking the status quo, you will find people from Gen Z being involved in all this. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the ones who are always ready to break the rules, and break it for good.

They have embraced technology as their best friend. They are doing things at a much faster speed than it used to be in the past. They are changing everything. And, at the same time they are inspiring the previous generations to work smarter, and not just harder.

Making a dent in the universe!

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The biggest strength of Gen Z is their IDGAF attitude. They don’t believe in pleasing anyone. They are more interested in creating an impact with the things they dream about. Ordinary does not please them, nor does money. They are after dreams, and how those dreams can impact the lives of people.

That’s what put them in the driver’s seat for breaking stereotypes! And, that’s exactly what they are doing!

The current is not about limiting their potential, but more about breaking the shell and going above and beyond what previous generations did. They are more about dreaming for something and making it a reality.

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