How important is it to celebrate your critics?

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I was once talking to my professor from college, during my dissertation work. I was really pissed off by the negative feedback I received from the reviewers for one of my papers. I was complaining to my professor that why did the critics have to be so harsh in making comments, even though I’ve put so much hard work in compiling the data for the paper and publishing it. I still remember the one thing he told me — ‘if you have no critics you’ll have no success in life’.

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Being a young blood at that moment, I really did not pay much heed to what he said. But, as I moved through the journey of my life I could understand from where he was coming.

Now I am at a stage in my career where I serve as the critic, I give feedback to people on their work. And, now I understand how important it is to celebrate your critics. From my personal experience, I’ve jotted down a few pointers here that will help you understand the value of critics in your life.

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Just imagine if every raw idea was accepted as it is, without any feedback, would we have the level of perfection in everything that we have around us? Definitely not!

This is why I believe that your critics are your best admirers. They are the ones who find fault in what you have done. So, this way they are opening the doors of improvement. If you don’t have someone to critically analyze the work you are doing, you will never be able to challenge your limits. It is because of the critics who try to prove you wrong that you put that extra effort to go beyond the ordinary.

Ask any person who does not have someone to oversee his or her work, and you will get to know that such people are stuck in rut in whatever they are doing.

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Whether you agree or not, but we all live in our own little world where we are perfect. As a writer, I believe that every thought I pen down is a masterpiece. If it was not for the critics and people who review my work, I would not have been able to write the way I write today.

As a matter of fact, being an avid writer in college I always got praise for my fictional writing. But when I sent my first article for publishing in a magazine, the feedback burst my bubble of perfection in which I was living. It gave me an opportunity to look at how things are in the practical world. I got to know how I could improve. And, this was the second time in my life that I realized how important it is to have the critics review your work.

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Sometimes the most unusual people can turn out to be your worst critics and best motivation. Simply put, it can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I’d share a small example based on my personal experience here.

“A few months back I was working on this blog post about how companies make their good employees leave. While writing, one the marketing trainees in my team asked me to share the post with her before publishing. I guess she was too intrigued by the title, being a trainee and just starting her career. After reading the post, she came up with a couple of pointers that I could add in the post. And, come to think of it those points sounded pretty good.

She also told me that my writing style was too technical, I must incorporate a more informal style to connect better with the audience. If I were the same college student who got hyper on feedback from the reviewers, I would have blasted her off with some harsh words. But, now I knew that sometimes these reviews from the most unusual places can actually prove to be a blessing in disguise for you.”

Following her advice, I’ve brought a couple of changes in my writing style and it has helped me get my posts become more successful.

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