How is stress destroying your productivity

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Stress erodes neuronal connections. It leads to communication breakdown in brain cells, which ultimately lead to a negative mindset and the person gets locked into a state of depression. The kind of environment that we live in today, it is no wonder that more than 18% of the population above the age of 40 suffer from depression. After all, we are surrounded by stress in all forms, wherever we are.

The pressure to meet deadlines and performance expectations at work. The challenge to maintain your life with loved ones. The dreams to follow your passion and succeed. All this ensures that there is not even a single moment throughout the day when your mind is free of thoughts and is not in a condition of stress.

The performance of brain relies on the environment in which it functions. That environment inspires it to create a set of trigger actions and responses, as a feedback to the conditions which are presented to it. It is but natural that if you surround your brain with stress throughout the day, then its performance is going to get diminished. And, that’s exactly what’s happening with the majority of us these days. Stress is taking a heavy toll on your productivity.

If you are wondering how, then take a look at the factors listed below and see how -

  • Sucks energy out of your body

The brain is the most complex organ of our body. And, it should not come as a surprise that a normal stress reaction involves a cascade of close to 14,000 chemical and biochemical events in the body. If not kept under check, stress responses can suck out energy from the body, fasten the process of ageing (premature ageing) and impair cognitive functions. If you are stressed, you are bound to feel tired and loathsome throughout the day. So, how can you expect yourself to be jovial and enthusiastic about doing work, when stress has already drained out all the energy from you?

  • Distracts your mind

Stress causes a bigger mental impact that physical. When you are stressed out, you are unable to focus on the tasks that you are doing, as you are constantly battling the thoughts which are causing you stress. So, you cannot concentrate the tasks at hand, and end up getting distracted. All this ultimately leads to the fact that you waste your time thinking about factors causing stress, rather than doing something productive. Stress, come to think of it, can be the biggest enemy for you at work if you don’t know how to handle it in rightful manner.

  • Eats up your creativity

In words of Rick Hanson Ph.D., a California-basedneuropsychologist, “stress is like fine sand being drizzled into the brain. It might keep working, but if you dump enough sand in there, it’ll freeze up at some point. Beyond heading into the deep freeze, the cumulative consequences of stress can be a dire thorn in the side of business innovation.”We can see that stress eats your mental creativity, leaving nothing at your hands. It gets you stuck in a rut, and you need to work really hard to get out of it.

  • Takes decision-making down the drain

How can you make or even think about making the right decisions when your brain is already predisposed thinking about various stress-causing factors. In fact, scientific studies have reflected that continuous stress can leave you with the thinking and decision-making capabilities of a child. Not only is your productivity suffering, but you are also making a lot critical mistakes with your decision making when you are stressed; forget about being productive.

  • Makes you vulnerable

Stress makes you weak. And, I’m not talking about just emotional weakness here. Stress starts to eat your body from the inside, leaving you hollow. You can get an idea about how big an impact stress causes on the mental health by taking a look at this study from Johns Hopkins University. Weakened immune system, heart troubles, weight gain, dental problems and more; you become vulnerable to all these because of stress. When your body is fighting with so much on the inside, how can you even think of giving your one hundred percent at work and be productive? So, you can see how stress makes your body vulnerable.

  • Blemishes your personality

Do you usually snap at your team members? Get irritated quite easily and frequently? These are some of the common signs that you are under constant stress. But, were these also your traits when you were a free-bird and were not stressed? Most of the people reading this post will answer that in a no. There you have it, the impact stress makes on your personality. When you are stressed out, you don’t talk to people in a jovial manner, you don’t communicate effectively and lot more. To simply put it, you become someone else!

  • Detriments your personal life

The key to happiness lies in keeping a good balance between your personal and professional life. But, when you are stressed out at work, the frustration is bound to come out in your personal life. From my personal experience, I can say that when things at office are in the doldrums, you can never expect to have smooth sailing in your relationships and personal life. Amidst all this ruckus, there’s no room left for productivity and how you are supposed to give your 100% at work.

So, you can see that stress is eating up your productivity, in one way or the other, leading to an irreparable damage your physical and mental health. And, at the same time destroying your personal as well as professional life.

Most of the time, the biggest cause of stress at work is because of simple problems like poor team communication, failing to collaborate with the team, missed deadlines and similar other issues. And, ProofHub is a tool that will bring an end to all these problems. Give ProofHub a try, and I’m sure you are going to love it!

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