How to clear your mind before taking a big decision?

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Ever wondered why some people are able to make decisions in split seconds, while others take eternity? Why is it that there are certain people who can come out with the right decision, no matter how critical the situation is?

If you did, then I have the answer for you right here — it is because they have a mental clarity before taking those decisions. Their mind is capable of setting priorities and then take rational decisions based on those priorities.

But, how? This is the big question. We cloud our mind with so many other small things in our day to day life that decision fatigue leaves our mind drained and we cannot take the right decision.

To help you figure out this how, here are some tips and habits that I’ve managed to acquire during my years as a manager, which I’d like to share with you -

You are your best friend — take the advice

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The biggest irony of humans is that we are always there to share the best advice to our friends. But when it comes to advising ourselves, we are usually unsure. And, this is what keeps us in a confused state of mind when taking any important decision.

Why can’t we take our own advice? Or, in simpler words — why can’t we train our brain to become rational enough to make the right choice and take our advice? With practice you can eventually train your brain for the same. Rather than depending upon others for advice, be your own best friend and advise yourself just like he or she would do. With time, you will become a master at making big decisions without asking for any foreign advice.

Confront your default behavior

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To some it might sound a little crazy, but the harsh reality of our life is that throughout those of years of decision making our brain becomes acclimatized to only one kind of thinking.

What this means is that you will continue to make the same kind of decisions, and keep repeating the mistakes that you have been making for all these years. This is where thinking outside yourself and using your own imagination to test new ideas can work the best for you.

The simplest way to employ this type of mindset when deciding on something is to usually pick the option which otherwise would be least preferred by you. Sometimes it is doing the least preferred things that can help in moving on the right path.

Stay away from information overdose

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but so is too much knowledge. Our mind works in mysterious ways. The more we feed it with information the more confusing thoughts become; especially when it comes to decision making. Therefore, my second piece of advice for you here is to stay away from information overdose.

There is a difference between knowing enough and knowing more than enough. Don’t cross this threshold. Think of it like this — when you have too much information, too many facts and too many suggestions, you mind enters a state of confusion as to which one is the most important and which one can be ignored. It is this state of mind that makes it difficult to make the decision.

Don’t wait for the right moment

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A big reason why all of us are not able to make it right when taking important decisions in life is because we keep on waiting for the right time and the right moment. And, this is where things slip out of hands.

As the saying goes, the right moment is now. Based on the current set of situations, the current information that you have and the current state of mind you possess — go ahead and take the decision which sounds right to you. There is no point in waiting for the right time and right moment.

In other words, even if you are confused about what to do and what not, take the decision and do whatever is within your power to make it right. And, you will no longer have a clouded mind with options that continue to confuse you.

Having a clear mind is the prerequisite of taking right decisions at the right time. However, the current lifestyle that we have we suffocate our mind with so many choices and unnecessary decisions that we are unable to make the right choices when it comes to BIG decisions.

I’ve managed to cope up with this decision fatigue with the help of tips shared in this post. I hope they work out for you, and your teams as well. Give them a try and don’t forget to share the results.

Originally Published at LinkedIn.

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