How to Develop ‘Just Do It’ Attitude in Your Team

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A team with a highly cohesive relationship can’t be built at the spur of the moment. It takes time to develop a team of highly skilled and productive employees. Being a Marketing Manager, I completely understand how important it is to have a winning team that has the attitude of ‘working together.’ I believe that I am lucky to have such a team at ProofHub.

I am highly satisfied with my team (No, I am not bragging here). Every team member is skilled enough to do their assigned task on time. They have a problem-solving attitude and comes with new ideas and strategies to work.

Disengaged employees in the US cost $450 to $550 billion per year due to lost productivity. Read my secret to build a team that sticks to the deadline and has high throughput — 6 ways to know how you can save millions and create a high-performing project team.

6 Ways To Create Highly Performing Team

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1. Unfurl The Flag Of Autonomy

How many employees have approached you to ask the goal of a project? Hardly any? Lack of psychological safety might be the reason behind this. Asking the objective of a project is not easy for an employee. It involves risk. As described by an organizational behavior scientist Amy Edmondson, “It is a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.”

Studies have shown that psychological safety allows for speaking your mind out, showing creativity at work and taking moderate risks, i.e. an employee is allowed to try new things (autonomy makes it possible.) To foster psychological safety, show engagement, participate in interpersonal settings, ask for your team’s opinion, and express gratitude for the team’s contributions.

2. Set SMART Goals

Most of the times people set goals that are vague and unachievable. For example, I want to improve my performance, or I want to complete this project. But the core factors — specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound are missing. Set goals, for example, I will make my website more responsive in Q2 of this year, I will set milestones as per the capabilities of individuals to keep them motivated. It will give a direction to your teammates and inspire them to work towards a goal.

3. Introduce Task Dependencies

Dependability is another significant factor to develop a productive project team. It builds trust when one comes through and abide by the deadline of a task. Make your team members count on each other to get things done on time. Put the team members together and define every individual’s role.

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Add dependency and inclusion in your framework. It gives a chance to the team members to work collectively and build a positive relationship. You can introduce a Gantt chart in your company to achieve flawless task dependency. It boils down multiple tasks into a single place and makes understanding task progress easy. Gantt chart is helpful in breaking projects into small manageable tasks.

4. The Daily Dose Of Motivation

For modern companies, it is a priority to have a motivated work team that contributes to the achievement of the organization’s objectives, which is not an easy task. It is proven that motivated employees are much more productive and happy at work. They use their time as well as the resources assigned to them more productively and invests all the effort to achieve the goals and objectives of their job.

One of the tried and tested ways to motivate an employee is appreciation. It enables team members to think that their work matters for the company’s progress. Some kind words from the manager will give them a reason to enjoy and love what they do. It is like a self-performance analysis for them which helps them examine whether they are on the right track.

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However, it is important to recognize people who seek another type of reward (such as acknowledgment for the work done well) apart from the economic part to ensure the employees perform well, improve the work environment, increase the commitment and loyalty of the employees.

5. Resolve Conflicts In A Positive Way

The conflicts between co-workers are inevitable in organizations. They can arise at any level, between managers, subordinates, and co-workers. Organizations can choose to see the conflict as damaging and suppress it once it appears or take advantage of it to achieve changes that benefit them.

It is crucial to accept conflict as a natural process of growth that influences the culture of the company and thus see it in a positive way. You can help your organization learn from mistakes and identify opportunities for improvement. Resolving conflicts is also vital to create formal grievance mechanisms for all employees, which means, employees at all levels of your organization know they will always be heard and given a timely and reasonable response to their needs. This can decrease the number of rule violations and the growth of bad feelings, resentment, and bitterness. Also, it is essential that conflict is handled quickly and openly. If the company’s culture is friendly enough towards constructive conflict, and you marshal the Power of We, workers will have no fear of expressing themselves.

The Final Thought

Leaders are a significant part of an organization and they need to go to great lengths to take everyone along and bring out the best in them. It covers everything from encouraging them, allowing them to have a voice in the important project discussions, setting flexible and achievable goals and taking conflicts positively. These strategies can be used to direct the employees’ minds to the right path and help them focus and love what they are paid for.

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