How to Give Your Best When You Hate Your Job

Vartika Kashyap
4 min readSep 11, 2018

The clock is about to strike 5 p.m. John begins to pack his bag as he watches the digital clock on his desk. It shows 4:55 p.m. He hates his job. He sits and waits for the clock to strike 5 p.m. to go home on a daily basis.

John is not the ideal employee, but he does the job. He is just like thousands of others working a 9-to-5 job without any purpose. It pays the bills, but this is not going to take him anywhere in life, nor is he going to add much value to the company because he does not put attempt to go beyond his basic job description.

He resents his job because he always wanted to become a writer. Life never turned out the way he planned, and he landed a job as a marketing executive. Now he is stuck watching the clock all day.

Can you relate to John? Are you also stuck doing a job you hate? If that’s the case, I’m going to share a few tips to help you deliver great results at your job, even though you hate it.

1. Begin the day on a positive note

The activities you perform after you wake up until the time you reach your place of work contribute toward your mood at work. Why not make sure that there’s nothing that frustrates you during this time?

Take a stroll through the park or do some light exercise. Try to stay away from your smartphone for at least 30 minutes after getting up. This will help you stay away from distractions, and help you start the day with positive thoughts.

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2. Prepare for the day a night before

Create a to-do list the night before work. This ensures that there are no surprises waiting for you to spoil the day. It will take a few minutes to sort out the list a night before, but it’s worth the minimal time commitment. It can save you from all the frustration you might face by being forced to work on something unplanned and stressful. When that happens, your hatred for job grows even more. Set yourself up for a better day by working through your activities in your head the night before.

3. Remind yourself the reason why you are doing it

The best motivator for succeeding at your current job is to keep reminding yourself the real reason why you are doing it. I always wanted to be into marketing, but I really had no choice when I started my career. I went through difficult jobs as a telemarketer and salesperson before I finally landed a marketing job with ProofHub.

The right time will come, you just have to keep reminding yourself to be patient. This can serve as the biggest motivation for delivering solid results at your job no matter how much you hate it.

4. Have a clear plan

There are two ways of looking at the scenario you are stuck in. Either think of it as a miserable experience that you have to go through every day and keep moping about it, or accept the reality and create a plan of where you want to be a few years down the line. Your current job can act as a stepping stone to better positions.

Having the more positive mindset is going to give you the needed inspiration to look at your current job as a means to an end. It will help you always keep an eye on the bigger picture. You need to think of it as the first step in achieving your goals.

No one wants to become a bad example at work. I’m sure you do not want to be in a situation where people talk badly about your work ethic or think of you as someone setting a bad example. You need to stay inspired while working, even when you are stuck in a job that does not appeal to you.

Take these words of advice, try to implement them in your life, and see how they can help you career.

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