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Working remotely is the new normal. Since businesses have now adopted this new technology, one of the most important things that they are now focusing on is to create a great remote onboarding experience.

As challenging it was for every business to switch to working from completely, owing to this novel coronavirus pandemic, it is now a bigger challenge for their recruitment and human resource management teams to procure the right talent and then make sure that they have a great experience while coming on board.

ProofHub, being a company that has always given the emphasis on making our new employee onboarding great, we have employed a few steps to continue doing the same while hiring new people remotely.

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I would like to share those tips with everyone and I am certain that they will help you to a great extent in your employee recruitment process. So, let us take a look at them:

1) A little head start before they join


One of the first things that we have strongly emphasized to make remote onboarding exciting is to start their team interaction a few days prior to their joining. This gives them time to know the people since the luxury of sitting together in confined office space has been taken away by the pandemic.

One of the things that we do to ensure that they fit well within the team as part of this approach is to make them part of our virtual coffee breaks. These casual conversations and interactions help break the ice, and the new employees get acquainted with other team members quite easily.

2) Make their first day unforgettable


The second important thing that we have learned during this lockdown is that people actually yearn for human interaction. To ensure that the first day for the person joining our team is unforgettable, we surprise team welcome meetups. These meetups are a great way to make the new member welcome.

At the same time, we use a virtual buddy to help the new person joining the team get well versed with the work processes, company directories, work calendar, and other important stuff that they need to know.

3) Give them a little time to get used to processes


Most important of all, we make it a point to not rush with things. Since it is tough for the new person also to get used to this remote work culture, we keep a steady and slow pace during the initial few days.

From helping them understand how our virtual communication works to remote work allocation and other imperative work processes — we get the person settled down to everything and then take things from there.

As a matter of fact, I am the first person to interact with the new team member and ensure that he or she is feeling good during the onboarding process, and discuss if there are any challenges.

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How are you tackling this change?

As we all know that adaptability is the single key to survival in today’s time. Thanks to the amazing recruitment and human resource team that we have at ProofHub, we have managed to hire some great talent during this lockdown and made their onboarding process awesome.

Have you been hiring during these times? If yes, how have you made sure that the new people coming to be part of your team have been handled well? Do share in the comments below.

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