How to stay creative when boredom is killing you

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Are you bored of being bored? If life is boring; you are doing it wrong.

Just rewind your life from now, and see what have you been doing since you actually got into senses to work for yourself? Walking in the footsteps of your siblings or doing what your next door neighbor does or more commonly doing what your parents recommended you or stuck in those same documents daily that your boss smashed on your face. Definitely, your world is revolving somewhere around these little bits.

I am sure that is not the purpose of your life. We are all here to bring the creativity out of our own self. Creativity takes courage, especially when you are surrounded with boredom. And boredom hits our mind when we are all restless and least interested in our work. We usually get bored when we realize that what we are doing is not satisfying.

So our mind seeks to get engaged in something more creative. If your mind goes in a state of ‘daydreaming, it is a sign your mind is bored. A great example can be seen from our childhood. When we had nothing to do during our holidays and evening time, we eventually invented some fun games to play with whatever we have. Let’s bring the childhood back.

It’s time to stand up, kick boredom in the teeth, and do something worth doing. Here is a way things to kick start your boredom days.

Bring solutions to problems

Are you doing the things only according to your job title and position? Eventually, it will lead you to a state of boredom. Try to put your leg into whatever problem you see around you. Do not care what your job title is. Try to be a full-time problem solver. If a designer is confused with a design, poke them with your ideas.

If you have a great idea for a writer, pour them up with it. Blow your co-workers mind with your unique ideas. Check online and see where you can fit the best. See what is missing from the website of your favorite blogger? Solve problems. It will be like a magic when things will fall into place.

Laugh with yourself and with the people around

It is no fun if you are feeling bored, or stuck at work. Set the intent to laugh more. Try doing something amusing deliberately. You can watch some short videos, read the funnies , befriend a funny person for getting yourself laugh and help brush boredom away.

Give yourself a permission to be silly at times to look for the funny sides of the things. You will soon see boredom going away and you can get back to your work.

Stay where you are until the boredom subsides

It’s ok to be bored at times. If it is something new happening to you, try to stay wherever you are. Sit back and relax. Don’t put pressure on yourself to start doing something different and amazing. Just pay attention to your thoughts or look at what you did yesterday or what have you achieved till now.

When you do all these things, you will be tempted to do more and start adding more and more. So give yourself permission to do nothing when you are bored, you will automatically be creative.

Start Micro Journaling

As you get up in the morning, make a micro-journal of the following things;

  • Mark the day: You will be always pushed to do great things as you will not get a chance to do amazing things on the same day again.Utilize the opportunity to live the present day.
  • Write ideas for something: This can include everything from your work life to personal life. These ideas will help you reach those points where you want to.
  • Write one thing you are grateful for: Gratitude promotes abundance thinking. When you will appreciate, you will have more to count.

Take a step outside your own world

Turn to unrelated mediums whenever you are bored with yourself or your work. Look out how other people are working to get their work done and bring those discoveries into your own work. Or look social media and follow a creative person you admire, and get inspired to make the most of the job that’s boring you.


Consider boredom an opportunity to meet your own needs. Interact with your creativity when you are bored and you will achieve more. Be yourself as you what is the best for you, believe in you and work towards your aspirations. You know what’s best for you. Stay creative and be weird.

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