Let’s make Mondays the most productive day of the week

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A couple of months back, when I checked my Twitter feed late night on Monday the first three posts read -

“I hate Mondays.”

“I wish there were no Mondays.”

“Weekend is over. And, in comes dreaded Monday. Someone please save me.”

Not shocking, after having worked as a professional for close to five years now I could easily relate to what these tweets meant. But, what came as a big shock to me was the fact that these tweets came from three of my top performers in the team.

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Being a manager, I really did not expect this. And, if the top performers felt like this on Mondays, I could hardly imagine what others would feel. This seemed to raise a big question on my leadership. Because for me, Mondays came as a day which meant the start of a new week. Mondays meant that I could return to work with full zeal and enthusiasm. So, I decided to pull up the socks and come up with ways that would inspire the team to be as productive on Mondays, if not more, as they were on the other days of the week.

Here’s what I did -

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Planning is the key to having a stress-free week at work. But, most of the times employees become too late with the planning part. What I’m trying to say here is that it is a ritual in most of the offices to start planning the week on Monday. That’s a really bad kickstarter for the week. Because the most creative hours of the day are wasted in planning and not the execution.

By bringing a slight change i.e. keeping the planning part for last half an hour of Friday, you can make your Mondays lot more productive. So, you will not have to waste time thinking about what is going to be in your platter of work in the coming. And, you can just come to the office in the morning and get going with the tasks.

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Apart from leaving the planning thing for Monday, another common ritual practiced religiously in almost all workplaces is to let Monday be the catch-up day. Some minor tweaks left in the design I’ll do it on Monday. Reviewing the content, I guess it can wait till Monday. Finishing that code, I’ll come half an hour early on Monday and finish it. I’m sure you all would have heard or said these things at some point of time or the other in your professional life. But, do you know this is the reason why Mondays become the least productive day.

What could have consumed only a few minutes on Friday to complete, could consume twice the time on Monday simply because you lost momentum — that’s a simple logic. And, I’m sure now that you know it, you won’t let it happen.

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The way you start your day sets the tone for the remainder of it. It is commonly observed that the first few hours of the office time on Mondays is generally spent gossiping around and discussing the things you did over the weekend. And, this sets a really bad start for the day. lunch break does not seem to be far away.

To ensure that this does not happen, the one thing we do at ProofHub is that every team sits together for 15–20 minute agenda meeting. In this meeting, we discuss about the work responsibilities that each team member, the target we need to hit during the week. This serves as a reminder for the team that weekend is over, and it is time get going with the work schedule.

As everyone has a clearly designated task list assigned to them, they do not have to wait for the work assignment mail to get going with their work.

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Another trick that we employ here to ensure team productivity goes through the roof on Mondays is that we line up the most important, and the most critical tasks during the first half of the day. Coming from a weekend, our mind is refreshed and rejuvenated with the creative juices. To make the most of this rejuvenation, finishing off the most important tasks early in the day can be the best bet. Trust me it works. When you finish off the toughest tasks in the first half of the day, it gives a sense of accomplishment and morale boost to your mind. So, you can stay inspired throughout the day.

You can be a little flexible with this rule, as it might depend from the working style of each individual. But, it is worth giving a shot even if you think that the employees might take time to adjust to this approach. In the longer it could prove to be the smartest decision ever!

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