How To Normalize Remote Work For Your Team?

Remote Work
Remote Work

If you have found yourself here, your team is by all means functioning, but not as well as you would’ve hoped. Is it possible this is happening because they are taking their sweet time getting used to working remotely? Or are they just barely meeting deadlines, filling in time till they can go back to their offices again?

What you have on your hands is a team that feels that they have to rush through this special arrangement with mediocre work since this is a temporary setup. Possibly, your team does not yet understand the sensitivity of this timeframe. The lock-down period could be turned into an asset if we play our cards right.

As managers, we are the only people who can break it to our team that no matter how temporary this arrangement looks, it might take a little longer than we expected. And also that we, as a team, need to embrace this remote work culture not just because we’re stuck with it, but because of its numerous merits.

You probably know all of this already but I’ll tell you again, remote work has always been a great option for a company to run business. Dipping into the larger talent pool, giving the team a flexible schedule and workspace, set schedules for communication, you can build an empire with a remote team.

Remote work has been actively known to increase productivity along with raising morale for a lot of reasons. Needless to say, if you don’t see any good things coming out of this quarantine period, you haven’t considered the following upsides:

Why would I bring up delegation when I am talking about work from home? It’s because, delegation, distributing responsibilities while working remotely can be an amazing opportunity for your employees to prove that they are the best person for the assigned job.

When leaders stop looking at the distance as a hindrance, they can get the most out of their team. With delegation during remote work, you endorse accountability, loyalty, and mutual respect. Therefore, delegating will have lasting effects and bring real change in employees when they work from home.

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Another great thing that would happen over this period of time is that your employees will gain a newfound respect for the physical office. Never before, have they appreciated the wifi, their computer systems, their chair, the window, the hallway, and, most importantly, the human contact.

I mention this factor because it is important that employees realize the significance of things that you have provided for them. Not only will this win you respect, but it will also make your team more focussed on work. Therefore, when they come out on the other side, they will be happy to come back and inspired enough to put in more effort.

For you and your team, remote working is helping you save on gas and lunch money. What you don’t know is how as a collective, you are helping create a healthier world.

  • Families are getting to spend some quality time together.
  • Employees who fall sick can keep working because they are being taken care of at their homes.
  • People feel more productive at home and the absentee rate goes down.
  • Instead of eating at restaurants or ordering in, people are now spending their time pursuing healthier options by cooking at home.
  • And, lastly, by staying inside, we are doing ourselves and the world a favor by not catching COVID-19.

And there are many, many other reasons that make remote work such a viable option for companies.

This is why I suggest you make the most of remote work in any way you can.

Sometimes remote team building activities and organized virtual events don’t seem to cut it. This is because one different day in a two week period will not bring as much change to the routine as you might hope.

Sure these things factor into employee engagement and increasing morale, but this is not how you will make them fall in love with the new routine. Here are some doable things you can incorporate into managing your remote team:

I know I might sound like a broken record saying how communication will hold your remote team better, but I emphasize because I believe in its power. Now my idea is two shoot two birds with one stone, achieve maximum productivity, and keep everyone’s spirits high, this is what I would suggest you do:

  1. Have scheduled video conferences to bounce off ideas.
  2. Have arranged feedback video calls to remind your employees of their individual duties and their role in the company’s progress.
  3. Have “end of the day” or “end of the week” video meetings to discuss what was accomplished through the period.
  4. Map out a workflow that everyone team corresponding to their department can easily follow.
  5. A workflow will keep everyone in the loop and make communication effortlessly.
  6. Get a tool that helps track the progress of your team members so that you have no trouble giving feedback and discussing agendas.

To normalize remote work for your team, you need to give them something to believe in, a purpose, something to look forward to so they don’t lose track of what they are working towards. These can be something as small as finishing 4 tasks in a week or as big as finding x number of leads till the end of the month. Here is why it is so important to set the former:

  1. To remind them of their roles as a part of the business, you need to visualize goals for them.
  2. Weekly goals can help keep your team engaged, inspired, and motivated.
  3. Use project management tools to help notify you of your team’s accomplishments and celebrate these achievements.
  4. Assign tasks in a way that achieving these weekly goals is not an unattainable reality.
  5. Since achieving these goals gives a sense of accomplishment, they would be readily waiting for their next assignments.
  6. Keep up with the latest tips and tools that can help you manage your team and your time better.

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As a manager, you have an incredible insight into the lives of your team. You have the ability to nudge your employees in the right direction. Therefore, I suggest that you take this time to help your team pursue healthy options such as:

  1. Taking productive breaks during office hours.
  2. Stretching your legs and taking some time away from the screens.
  3. Giving them time to prepare a healthy breakfast and take time to eat it.
  4. Send your employees updates on how the company has been doing.
  5. Also, acknowledge their worries from time to time and suggest how things can be made better.
  6. Have honest conversations about them about the current situation of the world.

The best thing for your team to do right now is to accept; accept their working situation, the flexible workplace, and that they now work with a virtual team. However, you can help them personalize this situation by:

  • Allowing them a place to have personal chats.
  • Setting guidelines that suit everyone’s needs.
  • Decorate the workspace and fill it with all the things that inspire you.
  • Increase productivity by taking regular breaks.

To Sum Up,

I would like to say that we are in a situation filled with uncertainty. Remote work is a necessity at the moment but it doesn’t have to be a problem you get through when you can make it a worthwhile period for your company and the people in it.

To normalize remote work for your team it is important to address their problems and actively come up with solutions. Therefore, prepare remote work guidelines if you haven’t already, or polish them because we are going to be here a while.

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