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In recent years, the marketing industry has grown tougher and success is something that every marketer aims for. In-house marketing departments and marketing firms are looking for a sure fire way to increase their success rates. And there are a lot of awesome ways that teams are looking to differentiate themselves in the rapidly-changing worlds of marketing. Globally, marketers are learning project management skills to keep control of each project they undertake.

Project management and marketing

Marketing professionals are in a constant need of proper project management that gives them the tool to run your business smoothly. Project management skills help marketers reach their target audiences that lead to increased profits and a business which brings consistent successes.

When it comes to managing work, a project manager often works closely to implement strategies, design, and initiatives. When the team has ideas to contribute, a project manager will put the ideas out to use it wisely in the projects to make proper sense.

What does a Marketing Project Manager do?

Marketing Project Managers oversee the use of a variety of marketing techniques to promote their company. The duties of a marketing project manager include handling a single product or handling the whole team of the company. As a marketing project manager, they include methods like online campaigns, brochures, signs, press releases, and other editorial material that will promote their brand and spread awareness. To become a competent project manager here are some tips you can follow for your marketing teams.

Project management tip #1 Define your project requirements

Marketing projects involve so many moving parts in a project and it is no small task to manage marketing campaigns. A project manager has to be clear about what your audience wants from your marketing. Form a story by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes before you focus on a marketing project. Choose the highest priority project strategically from your list and start defining its background with creativity. Every project may need different requirements to help you brainstorm your project. Create requirements based on;

  • Automation: To cut out tedious manual work, automate the part of a project to boost your productivity to cut out unnecessary work.
  • Elimination: Eliminate work from your to-do list to have time to execute more projects.
  • Maintenance: Have the least amount of maintenance for long-term results and 10 times growth.

Save your and your team’s time by creating project requirements and define what your project will look like before you start working on it.

Project management tip #2 Open your lines of communication

Are there any effective communication techniques that are found to be very effective. It can be quite tough to get started if people are not using open discussions to build a strong community to allow workers to feel confident when working on a project and to outperform expectations. Having an open communication is important to have goals and to shape those goals. To streamline internal communication, another thing that matters is the use of right tools. ProofHub, Skype, HipChat and other communication tools help in improving peer to peer communication. Each team member can voice their messages on topics related to them. More effective communication is equal to better project management and an effective communication plan in place is the key.

Project management tip #3 Link marketing projects to marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy should make sure that your products or services meet the need of your customers. Developing a marketing strategy is important for your business to drive upsells, increase brand loyalty and generate new business. In the distressed nature of marketing departments, it is a sure probability get stuck in the complexity of project management and lose track of the final goal. And this can largely kill your marketing performance. As the managers tend to spend too much time on low impact projects, linking marketing projects to marketing strategy can maintain agility and autonomy. Key elements of successful marketing strategy will divide your potential customers into groups that you want to target on the basis of their needs. Set a marketing strategy, draw your marketing plan and evaluate the success of your strategy.

Project management tip #4 Define your marketing goals to focus projects on growth

When you start planning your marketing process, you probably have lots of ideas you could do with your marketing. What projects to tackle based on the impact that they will bring on your business. There are some basic marketing goals that a project manager must connect to:

  • Bring more traffic
  • Get more email subscribers
  • Increase customers

Define your goals for your team to focus on the ones that truly have an impact on your business.

Project management tip #5 Access your resources before tackling the project

Do you end up looking for resources and cutting tasks from future to do list when a project suddenly needs some urgent changes? Well, you should have someone available for your project needs to support flexibility. This takes talent, tools, and budget into account. Before you take up a project consider the resources available to you to execute your projects and avoid cutting your best projects.

Do this for your marketing:

  • Look back at your list of prioritized projects.
  • Add names of who will create the projects, the tools you’ll need and the budget required.
  • Resource allocation should create value for your clients, employees, and agency.
  • The very best project managers allocate resources to smart thinking and strategy.

Project management tip #6 Break your projects into task to complete

When you are working on a big project you may lose your momentum, so break your big projects into small tasks to manage the whole project easily and avoid unnecessary distractions. Break the content types that make up your project into individual tasks to complete according to your deadlines. We easily get distracted out of the reason when working on big tasks because they are so big. While breaking them into smaller tasks makes it easier to work with.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Get the suggestions of your teams by planning meeting including all those who are going to work on the project.
  • Get time estimates for the tasks
  • Create your workflow

With something small to focus on, it becomes easier to tackle and your brain can focus on what you exactly need to do.

Project management tip #7 Use collaboration tools

As the technology advances and complexity increases, collaborative tools are becoming the need for technology in the workplace to support virtual teams. Whether you are handling any number of people, you need a way to keep team members engaged throughout the project. Online collaboration tools are taking over all the tools in the marketing landscape with teams to share ideas, edit documents without the need for constant meetings. With ProofHub project management software, marketing teams can collaborate, plan campaigns, strategize each step, analyze team performance, share accountability, designate roles and responsibilities, undergo quick feedback sharing and keep a bird’s eye view on everything.

How well are you managing your projects? These project management tips will push you for the success and gather ideas to implement with your own team. Choose the best tips and apply it to your project management style and decide for yourself what works the best for you.


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