Reinventing Office Culture To Make Teams More Productive

You started off with a great team. Things were going smooth. Cash was flowing in. More people were getting added to the team. But, then all of a sudden it all started. Employee burnouts became common. Projects started getting derailed. Things started to slip through cracks. And, the team started to fall apart.

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This is the story for most of the startups these days. And the reason for this is quite simple. Most of them are unable to handle the changes in culture that come along with the rapid growth. And the ones that are able to crack the code to handle this changing culture are the ones that make it to the top!

So, what’s the secret? How can a business handle this transformation that comes along with growth? Here are some tips that can help -

You think that you are doing great as a leader. But ever thought what does the team think of it? Ever took feedback from your employees regarding the policies and culture of your business? If not, then it is the time that you must.

Employees these days no longer crave for just monetary incentives. They look for things beyond just money — things like flexibility, freedom and more. And, this is the reason why work cultures have seen a huge frameshift over the past few years. From being centred around just work, work and work, companies have started embracing the fact that overall development of the employees is a must to create a thriving business.

Opening the doors of communication, therefore, comes across as the first step in this voyage.

What are the repercussions of failing at doing something in your business? Does it lead to an embarrassing scenario, where the person who tried something innovative, but failed, is blasted off? Or do you support the thinking and the fact that the person tried breaking the status quo?

To create a culture of innovation, you need to encourage your team members to think out of the box even if they fail. They might fail the first time, the second time, maybe even the third time. But, don’t let that stop them from coming up with new ideas. Inspire them to turn their failures into success stories. Embrace the culture where employee effort is valued more than the number of hours he or she is spending at work. Raise a toast to the fact that someone tried to come up with something new. Who knows it might be the next million dollar idea?

Employees value a company where they can learn and grow. And, you as the leader of the herd need to ensure that learning never stops at your business.

From giving them the freedom to play with latest technology and tools to providing them ample opportunities like training, workshops and volunteering work across different job profiles — there is so much you can do to ignite that spark of learning in your team members. You can have all the right strategy in the world, but if you don’t have the right culture you are dead. And, by investing in employee learning you are creating a culture where employees feel valued. So, they are going to stick with you and give their best for years to come!

Just tweak it. If you have successfully set up a team, and have been able to reap good results in the beginning then you are on the right track. And, chances are that you lost your way because you did not expect such massive growth.

Now, when things have started to fall through the cracks, you don’t need to have a magic wand to wave to everyone and things will start to fall into their place. All you need to do is sit back with your think tank, discuss with them about the problems that are causing this distress and find out its remedy. All it is ever going to take is some minor tweaks and changes in the way you are handling things right now.

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