The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Vartika Kashyap
3 min readMay 2, 2022


Imagine where you’ll be 5 years later. Maybe watching Netflix throughout and daydreaming or being a successful person with high goals. It all lies in your hands. There is a minute difference between the two terms: successful and unsuccessful, but in reality, the two kinds of people have a lot of differences.

If you are serious about being one successful person, keep reading. For me, being successful is about personal fulfillment. Without achieving success, you may feel disappointed with your life.

The way to achieving success is to know the right difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Here are a few points that I think differentiates the two. And you can choose your way, keeping in mind what you want to be.

1. Successful people always set goals. Unsuccessful people never set goals.

Your goals should be compelling enough to take action. Otherwise, they will fall wayside. Successful people set goals that are clear and they set deadlines to achieve the goals. You can find any way to set your goals. My team has its goals set. We use ProofHub to keep our daily tasks aligned with our end goals. It helps us to organize our list of tasks, set deadlines that make sure nothing is slipped off, and we can communicate well with each other to keep track of what is to be done and what is already done.

2. Successful people embrace change. Unsuccessful people fear.

Embracing change can be the hardest thing for people, but those who embrace it are the ones who are successful. Change = success. Successful people do not fear it, in fact, they choose how they want the change to affect them. You can stop the change from happening, so, accept it in a positive way, and you are surely going to see the good side of it.

3. Successful people talk about ideas. Unsuccessful people talk about people.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss people. It differentiates on the way how you think. Those who talk about ideas are smart and they become smarter when they carry on healthy discussions. Unsuccessful people talk about other people. They waste their own important part of life by discussing others. Talking about ideas will exercise your brain, strengthens the path, thus making you a successful one.

4. Successful people take a chance. Unsuccessful people are afraid of failure.

Give up the fear of failure, if you want to be successful. Fear is a barrier to success. It will block your opportunities, personal growth, and crush your dreams. When you fear failure, you’ll never be successful. There was a time, I was so scared of taking a chance that I would not begin the things that I wanted to. When I started to look at things differently, fear became my guiding force.

Summarizing this here: successful people start before they feel ready. No matter how you do and what you are, right now, is good enough to get going to what you wish for.


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