The rise of Hillary teaches us how to do marketing the right way

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Marketing is nothing more than being able to use the most popular platform of your time, to target the most relevant audience. If we talk about marketing, one of the best examples of current time lies in how Hillary Clinton has managed to rise from the ashes and is now topping the charts as the most popular presidential candidate.

So, what is it that she’s done right? Or, should we say what is it that marketing teams can take away from her? Let us take a look -

  • Don’t shy away from experimenting

Can you think of a situation in which the stakes are as high as a presidential election of the United States? Forget about equal, can you think of a situation where the stakes are even close to comparable? Surely, you cannot. But, still have a look at the courage Hillary took by taking on multiple social media platforms all at once.

From getting a Spanish website and twitter account to snapchat, Facebook Live and what not; she did not shy away from using platforms that today’s generation loves. As a matter of fact, her marketing team even got a social media tool TrumpYourself. So, you can see the level of experimentation. She did not limit herself to the conventional ways. Even when the stakes are high, she’s not scared to risk it.

That’s one of the most important lessons a marketing team/manager/professional can learn from here. Don’t limit yourself to the tried and tested way. Experiment as much as you can, after all social media is all about changing trends.

Marketing efforts cannot be successful unless they are well planned. So, stop wasting any time further and start planning your marketing strategies!

If we look closely at how Hillary’s political campaign, or we may call it social media campaign, was run, we can see that it was more focused on delivering something that people on the other side of a computer screen would want to see. It was more about giving internet audience the content they wanted, and not the typical hardcore political agendas.

As a marketing professional that’s the one approach which can make or break your next campaign. If you fail to identify what the people out there on the internet are willing to watch, there is a high probability of it falling flat on the face.

So, the most important lesson to learn here is that you must create something that internet loves. It should be something that’s not just good, rather internet-good!

  • Get the #NoFilter mode on

Social media is the closest that a regular person can be to a presidential campaign. It becomes important that you are authentic when posting on these platforms. The highly popular Twitter burst by Hillary to trump, tweeting “Delete your account” is perhaps the best example of this #NoFilter mode that we are talking about here.

A marketing campaign run on social media should focus more on offering authenticity rather than blabbering about something that you are not. That’s why not all the campaigns are able to achieve the status Hillary has managed to achieve.

  • People like controversies

Controversies draw the maximum number of eyeballs. And, there is no doubt in the fact that Donald Trump has become synonymous with controversies since he has come up as the presidential candidate of the United States for the Republican Party.

But, the thing to mention here is that Hillary has also never been shy to voice out her opinion about the controversies Donald has been making. She has stood her ground, and let people know what she thinks of Donald’s policies and speeches and what not.This has accounted for her meteoric rise as a leader, as more and more number of people have been able to connect with her point of view.

This is not to say that you must collide head-on with controversies. This is to imply that sometimes being part of a controversy lets people know your opinion. Whether you are in favor of or against the controversy, but at least you have an opinion. You are not a mere spectator.

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