The secret to working hard — When you are not getting enough credit

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“The boss doesn’t recognize me for my work. I have been giving extra hours every day to deliver the best work but he still complains about my efforts. My company takes me for granted. And many times, my credit was given to someone else and I was always being put down. They don’t really care about how hard I actually worked. And it hurts.”

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In an interview, Aryan shared his story with me. These were the various flavors of grievances of Aryan in his previous company. He tried to claim credit for his hard work many times but consistently his efforts were in vain. And, a day, eventually he had to resign.

Has this ever happened to you?

There is nothing more infuriating than you not being given credit for your work. Sometimes your efforts go unnoticed and sometimes somebody takes credit for your work. And under such circumstances, it becomes difficult for employees to concentrate on their work, to put the same efforts and work equally hard. In some work areas, people are predominantly treated unfairly and are often frustrated because of not getting enough.

So, what the secret to pushing yourself to work hard even when you are not being recognized for your work. In this article, you will learn why you should keep working hard by taking control of your recognition. Here are some ways by which you can get the feeling of being appreciated and you will stop being an annoying co-worker.

Focus on little victories

“Acknowledge all of your victories. They will eventually add up to something great.”- Kara Goucher

Are you celebrating your every small win? If not, you are probably missing out a lot. At ProofHub, we focus to celebrate even the smallest of a victory because it makes us more positive to attract more reasons to celebrate. You will bring in more efforts when you know celebrations are just around the corner. Treat yourself to anything you love. Not everyone will recognize you for the small wins or even the big wins, and that’s okay when you know how to feel appreciated for your victory.

Let your work speak for itself

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise” — Frank Ocean

Are your not being visible in the workplace? Then you should work harder to let your work speak for itself. Self-examination and self-culture are the best ways to measure your success and getting recognition are completely secondary. Recognition is surely not the only one factor for feeling appreciated. There is no other strong way of communication than communicating clearly by your work. Let your work speak for itself. You can afford to work hard when you know you are right.

Build your personal brand

“If you can’t find your own center and love for yourself, nothing else works” — Chris Brogan

Building your company’s brand is a different issue, but building your personal brand is important as well. Success is defined by branding yourself out there and marketing yourself. Recognition is a good way of motivation but personal branding is a valuable accomplishment for self-growth.

Prove your worth

“Self-worth comes from one thing — thinking that you are worthy.” — Wayne

Excelling at our work is our personal desire but impressing our managers becomes a challenge at times. It becomes more difficult when you are not getting any credit at any time. But a definite mindset of working for a career you want and not for the job you have can do a lot for you.

Look at the bright side

The feeling of being underappreciated at work is a horrible situation and I know this happens too often but looking at the brighter side will make the necessary changes to make it happen. Do not let your hard work stand in the way of your success.

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