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Okay, so let’s cut to the chase straight away. This topic is about detox and the benefits it can bring to your life. But, wait I’m no diet consultant, nor someone who knows much about healthy food. Though I certainly know a thing or two about maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle owing to my personal life experiences.

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This article will talk about the detox challenge that I took a couple of years. However, this is not your usual diet detox. It is more about getting rid of the toxicity out of not just your body, but life as well.

So, what is detoxing basically?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, Detox is , “a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health.”

Generally when we talk about detox, we think of getting rid of the chemicals from our body to get better physical health. What about mental health? Considering the fact that there are so many factors surrounding us that lead to mental toxicity, doesn’t it become necessary to go for a mental detox? After all, a sound body without a sound mind is of no use.

I’ve prepared this mental detox diet that which is much needed for keeping our sanity intact in today’s time -

People pleasing. Running of the mill. Doing things for the sake of it. All these are some of the biggest toxins that we feed our body with. In the longer run these toxins get accumulated in the body, and start to destroy it.

Rather than feeding on these toxins start giving mental peace to your body by doing things that make you happy. Give up the habit of people pleasing, put your needs and wants before putting someone else’ in front. Take some time to engage in your favorite hobby. Do stuff that gives your mental peace and soothes your soul rather than doing things just for the heck of it.

It is practically impossible to become completely stress-free in life. What’s possible is that you reduce the amount of stress you take in your day-to-day life. This stress could include anything — meaningless relationships that do not have any future, a stressful job, poor health.

Stress is the root cause of others problems — physical, mental as well as emotional. The best way to deal with stress — get rid of the root cause. And, just in case you cannot get rid of it, find something that reduces its impact. For instance, start practicing meditation, or maybe the art of mindfulness can work wonders for you.

”We buy things we don’t need with the money we don’t have to impress people we don’t know.”

This famous dialogue sums up the situation of current generation to me. We are too occupied grabbing things that we really don’t need simply because otherwise we would not be the ‘Cool One’ amongst our friends and colleagues.

Ever realized how much extra have you gathered — from the pair of clothes, shoes and accessories that you have, but never worn to the tech gadgets you bought but rarely used. These are just waste of our physical effort and monetary assets. All of them make the toxins that are confusing our mind, and from which our life needs a detox.

A sound mind lives in a sound body. But the sedentary lifestyle that has become associated with the millennial generation is something that’s really not good for health. Thanks to the growing technology, physical efforts at both work and home have become minimum. Work pressures have increased, work satisfaction has decreased.

All this has led to a further decline in the quality of life for individuals simply because no one really has the time to take care of their health. We eat junk food, sit for hours while working on our projects, drink excessively, use cars to even buy groceries from a store down the street. Can you imagine the damage it is causing to our life? In order to increase the quality of life, we need to mend these habits.

From incorporating a healthier lifestyle to giving our body the physical workout it needs, we need to do things to stay healthy. And, happiness will automatically be taken care of.

Just like we need fluids in our diet to detoxify all the physiological processes running in the body, we need the fluid of positivity to hydrate our mind. Workplace gossip, cribbing about your team member who did not help you in a task, saying negative things about the manager because they did not approve your leave, all these are toxic thoughts. They cripple our mind, and hence we are unable to use it to the best ability.

Keeping our mind hydrated with the thoughts of positivity, therefore, becomes really important. You need to surround yourself with positive thoughts, and positive people. Get rid of anything that brings negativity — be it a person or a thing.

There’s something about the word change that it gets eyebrows raised every time the word is mentioned. How do you react when someone tells you to change your habits. You give them a frowning look, don’t you?

It is our reluctance to change that makes it a negative and painful thing. Like Gautam Buddha once said — change is never painful, only the reluctance to change is. You need to embrace the fact that by being the same for years, you are losing out on opportunities to experience of being something better. Start to think of change as something that will help you become better. Keep changing and reinventing yourself from time to time, and you will get to feel the real joy of being alive.

Those were a few of my thoughts on how to follow a detox diet that can turn your life completely around. It’s the beginning a new year, and it is time to think of doing things you never did before.

Begin with incorporating this detox diet in your life, and see how it works out for you.

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