What Are You Doing to Create Your Success Story?

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Happy are those people who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make those dreams come true. — Leo Joseph Suenens

In life there are no mistakes, there are only lessons. As cliche as it may sound, but this is the reality of life. We all have dreams. We all have goals. We all want to create our success story. And, we all have equal capabilities.

But then why only a small percent of the entire human race are able to make it to the top? Why is it that someone like an Elon Musk or a Jack Dorsey is able to create their success story, while others simply become part of the crowd?

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Ever thought about it? If not, then give it a thought. What is it that these people had in their life that you don’t? Can’t figure it out? Well, it was simply the will to never settle for less. It was the attitude to keep trying until they reached where they wanted to. It was the continuous struggle to create their success story.

Most people give up on their dreams after they witness the initial struggle. It’s quite easy to say that I have a dream. But it’s quite tough to be willing to pay the price in order to fulfil that dream. People who are able to make this sacrifice are able to make their dream come true and create their success story.

In this post I’m going to share with you some tips that have helped me move one step closer to my dream, in the hope that it will help you as well.

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Motivation is a drug that we all need. It is something that keeps us moving towards the ultimate goal. Our brain is vulnerable to failures and setbacks. In fact, the easiest thing in the world is to give up on your dreams once you fail.

This is where motivation kicks in. It serves as a constant reminder that you are more powerful than you think you are. And, there are plenty of things you can do to stay high on the drug of motivation -

  • Read motivational books
  • Stay away from negative people
  • Keep your dreams and goals always within your sight
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Life is all about choices. The choices that we make at the end of it all decides the fate of our life. It is up to you to either make the first move towards creating your success story or keep waiting for the next time? Remember, opportunities are never going to come knocking at your door unless you go out looking for them.

People who make it to the top are the ones who grab even the bleakest of opportunities. And, then turn those opportunities into success stories, rather than waiting for the right time and the right moment.

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Following your dreams requires commitment. I was recently going through an article on LinkedIn in which there was this quote by the founders of Nuts ‘N More, who had created their success story at Shark Tank — “Becoming a business owner is like being married. If you can’t commit, this isn’t for you.”

Makes sense — doesn’t it? You cannot have half baked dreams and think of making it BIG. You need to commit yourself, and give it your all in order to be where you want to be; where people like Robert Herjavec, one of the Sharks in Shark Tank are.

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You will not believe how open industry leaders are when it comes to sharing knowledge. The only thing that stands between you and them is the hesitation you have. It might sound too good to be true, but trust me if you have an idea that you think can click, but are unable to find the right guidance — it is worth trying to shoot an email to an industry expert. You are bound to get a reply.

It can be positive, it can be negative, it can be with some advice on how you practically make it happen, but there will be a response. People who have made it to the top are never too shy to share their wisdom. The only problem is there are not many out there who ask the right questions.

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