What to do after getting passed up for a promotion you would be seeking

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You might wonder you are not good enough. Might be you are not valued. Or maybe you lack the skills. These kinds of thoughts will probably cross your mind when you get passed over every single review cycle, when your every single promotion dumps you. And every time it happens you suffer a major setback and it hampers your personal growth.

This might have happened nearly with everyone. You might be doing everything right but your position has not budged yet. But remember, this is surely not the end of your personal development plan — you have to come back stronger.

In any case, being passed over a promotion you deserve is a tough thing. Yes, its ok to be disheartened and miffed about it for some time, but after you get the justification for the same, you need to have a course of action — ‘self-improvement ideas’, to help you the next time the position comes up.

What to do?

Talk to your boss honestly

It is quite difficult to accept when your promotion gets passed over or someone else gets promoted over you, but you need to respond smartly by asking them about their decision. Make all opportunities to make your boss a key supporter of your next promotion. Talk to them about the potential barriers to promotion and find ways to overcome the roadblocks.

Redirect your negative emotion

When you continue dwelling on negative emotions it will prevent you from getting promoted. If you surrender yourself negative emotions like hate, anger, frustration, sadness it will directly reflect on your outer self and your boss will be fearful of putting you in a leadership position. Get off your negative emotions by walking out and coming back with a renewed focus to not let your negativity affect your performance.

Set boundaries to avoid burnout

Often, we neglect our needs trying to make other people happy and that leads to burnout. This needs to be one of your personal development goals. You have to make mindful decisions to recharge your resources well, to avoid getting drained or burnout. Setting boundaries will help you create a balance between expanding and recharging. When you start introducing healthy boundaries in your life, I guarantee you will encounter a personal growth and start feeling much lighter.

Practice self-promotion

In the midst of your activities of personal development for work, the next big thing is what kind of value you bring to the business. Make sure people know about your major accomplishments or your new winning programs. Build a working portfolio of your achievements throughout the year and document it. Focus on the most important details when noting your success. To enhance your contribution towards the company’s bottom line, keep a record of everything you do. This record will show you have been improving the company and invested in your company’s growth.

Figure Out Your Next Step

It is not the end of the world if you are not promoted. Start thinking about the things you need to do to make your next promotion a success. And if you think all your efforts are going in vain, something is still keeping the promotion away from you, then it’s the right time to consider an exit plan and start your hunt for something you deserve.


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