Why you should dress for success

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“Stop dressing like crap”, the most annoying professor in the college told our entire class. Of course, by this, he meant to wear a blazer, trousers, and shirt for the class, as during my management studies we were actually assessed on appearance too. Grading was just a way out to keep us all up to the mark in terms of the way we dress. Because dress is our confidence.

I remember my professor telling the class to look back at how businessmen dress to impress. How they suit up!

Though at that time it seemed like unimportant, but today I realize that undoubtedly, we all need to dress well while presenting ourselves. We must dress not just for the people we want to meet, but dress for success. Dress to impress and dress for our happiness.

I am quite a fashionista and I have had always the intention to wear my best clothes every day, whether it was for my lectures, for presentation or for my office hours.

Even on long flights, I prefer to start out dressed well. I see people dressed casually even when they are coming for a meeting. And it really makes me wonder what are they doing. I might sound like my annoying professor right now, but I am sure everyone might have experienced this and felt the same. So my advice is — better look like someone you would do business with and not like someone who just woke up from their bed.

Are the days of suits and ties still existing? Does it really matter if you are dressed in a casual dress code for office or in a suit? Well, nowadays the casual dress code for office is quite in trend but casual dress code should also involve keeping your look fresh and up to date. Keep your image fresh to grow your business opportunities.

Spend on the clothes for the image you really want to project. Suit up, if you want to be a person with big ideas. Don’t forget your image is a part of your brand. This is especially true for a business owner. This is especially true for a business owner and fashion in finance. It is significant from the change in outfit choices of both men and women that there is a change in fashion in finance over the years. A business attire is a keen sense of style and promotes abstract thinking. And, if you are constantly meeting with clients, doing an interview or giving presentations, always dress to impress. Be prepared the night before with your best-fitting outfits. Make sure you are feeling good about yourself in your dress and you dress for success. Let’s see the important reasons for you to dress for success.

What you wear says a lot about your personality. Give yourself time to find what is right for you, be sure that it not too tight, too loose, too short, too casual or too dressy. Usually, we categorize individuals based on what we see. Dressing in your best way is important for creating the impression of who you are and it should be the first thing on your mind.

Giving a definite time and effort to your dressing part, you will radiate an image of self-respect and self-esteem. Being confident is a positive mental attitude and it will make you respect yourself. Furthermore, what you wear sharply perceives how confident you feel about yourself. Seeing in your tidy, smart fitted dresses will show you worthy of handling some responsibilities as you will be portrayed as worthy of handling your own self. If you feel confident about yourself on the inside, you will reflect it on the outside.

The way you dress plays a role in your success and to send the right message to the right crowd. In order to get noticed you need to comprehend a practice of dressing up appropriately. Your dress may greatly help you to get attracted in the right direction. Clothes do communicate and help promote a cause.

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Dressing shabbily usually makes us feel less focussed at work. Entrepreneur Tim Kitchen mainly runs his digital marketing firm Exposure Ninja from his home office, and he still dresses well in shirt and trousers. According to him, “Meeting with clients and staff over Skype is all part of a day’s work, so looking professional is as important as it would be in an office.” When you are dressed well you will perform better as you will be motivated from within and this is aptly one of the best ways to enhance your productivity.

What I’d recommend — if you want to succeed, dress for success should be the anthem. You surely send out to public the same vibes that you are feeling inside. When you feel good — you do good things. Wear clothes that make you feel empowered. Trust yourself that you can do it well.

In the end, I’d conclude by saying that dressing up is not just a thing of outer self, it is eventually related to our inner self. Get up dress up so that you have the chance to feel like “I really look awesome today” and have a crush on yourself. That’s the feeling of power and self-esteem boost.

So, how do you dress for success?

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